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The more farmers use Farm Compare, the more powerful it becomes. Farm Compare has been built by farmers, for farmers, powered by farmers!

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Why are we doing this?

Our aim is to privide a free, independent knowledge exchange platform for farmers helping them make better, informed management and purchasing decisions. For years our existing price tracker threads have allowed farmers to share input prices. Farm Compare aims to takes this a step further, empowering farmers through anonymous collaborative, sharing and comparisons of market information. Unlike price tracker threads, farmer anonymity means you also get to find out where the deals where from.

Will my supplier(s) or buying group know if I use Farm Compare?

Definitly not. We will not store any identifying information in Farm Compare. It is completely confidential, your details and your specific price points, delivery dates and county are never shown. All Farming Forum members have free access to Farm Compare, the only way others will know if you're using Farm Compare is if you choose to tell them !

How secure is Farm Compare?

TFF has been running for 8 years and is very secure. We use 256-Bit SSL encryption. We run our own servers and do not lease space from others, our servers run the latest processes and software versions to ensure the security of TFF and our platforms. All our processes are fully GDPR compliant, we take your privacy and security very seriously.

Can other farmers see my exact prices?

No, your exact prices are confidential. We use prices to build an anonymous, aggregated view of the market, other farmers see a range of prices, with no individual prices or details shared.

Can I compare my buying group with other buying group prices?

Yes, Farm Compare can compare your group prices against other buying groups. You can also compare independent supply vs serviced agronomy. Find out if your group membership is getting you the value you think it is!

Can I compare my serviced prices from one supplier with serviced prices from another?

We understand that comparing prices that include serviced agronomy advice against farms that use independent advice is not a valid comparison. Farm compare lets you compare serviced versus independent or even one serviced company versus another, helping you decide what’s best for your business.

What products can I see prices for?

Anything you want. When you submit an invoice, email or quote for a product, you will receive a search token. You can use this token to search for any product. You will see results for that product and alternative products with the same active ingredients and concentrations. The principle is one of fair information exchange, submit a price to get access to a price, it's that simple

Do I always have to send you copies of my invoices or quotes?

No, if you would rather you can simply enter the price you have paid or been quoted. However, doing so will only get you access to prices submitted by others using similar methods (unverified pricing). To access the 'verified' price information, we need evidence of price paid or quoted, this can be an invoice, quotation, email even a text message. All are easy to upload via your smartphone on Farm Compare.

What will you do with my prices?

Your personal information, such as name and address is not held next to your TFF Username in Farm Compare. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, we will never share any such data with third parties. Your identifiable farm information, such as the combination of farm name with product and price is also not held in Farm Compare. Farm Compare is a fully anonymous service and so we can never share this level of detail with any third parties. Your prices are only displayed as part of an aggregated and anonymised set of market information. This is used to drive the power of Farm Compare as all users knowledge exchange benefits all. We will use averaged prices to promote and grow participation in Farm Compare. The more prices it receives the more useful it becomes for farmers. The aim is for farmers to help farmers, forcing transparency in the marketplace.

Why should I compare my crop protection product costs with other farmers’ prices?

Crop Protection is one of the biggest variable spends on farm, at around £680 million last year. Price tracker threads have demonstrated large price differences, but contributors are often reticent to reveal supplier details for fear of upsetting or losing their supply. Buying groups have historically been shrouded by secrecy over prices paid, this only benefits suppliers and not farmers. Farm Compare aims to shift the balance of power back to the buyer where it belongs. Farmers are often left guessing at fair market prices or hearing that others pay lower prices, but without knowing where from or how? Few have the time or knowledge to navigate all the product and supplier options and request quotes from every available supplier. Farm Compare aims to simplify your ability to source the best price for the products you need quickly and efficiently

How do I sign up for Farm Compare?

You can search for product information as a guest. However, to compare prices you will need to become apart of the community. We don't need your name or address, you can register anonymously with just an email address which is never shared. If you need help doing this simply give us a call on 01543 396 770 or email [email protected] and we'll be in touch with you as soon as possible.