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    The machinery void

    Very nice. But wouldn't you be better off owning two tractors that cost 50% of that one? Then you have back up if one breaks down and can leave one one the sprayer one on the drill etc.
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    Waste Exemptions Renewals

    Therefore making a complete joke of the whole system! (Btw I did the same)
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    Newholland HD

    Have an optum 300 here. Pulls like a train. Had a gearbox issue in first 300hrs but dealer handled situation very well and all under warranty. Small enough to pull a grain trailer and big enough for an 8 furrow semi mounted plough. Did i mention it pulls well?!
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    Big announcement tonight!

    I cant understand how anyone thinks Organic farming will help Soil Heath and Structure? Instead of a single pass with a benign non selective herbicide lets cultivate the soil numerous times instead shall we!? See how the soil life/structure likes that..
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    Liquid fertiliser recipes

    Why... we dont have a roundup addiction and it isn't a dangerous chemical so stop spreading sh!t
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    Wireless weather station

    How are sencrop users getting on with them after a few months? Can you link soil moisture sensors/leaf wetness etc to them? Paid a lot of money for one a year ago but struggle to use the software which i think was written in 1987
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    Am I alone with Davis Enviromonitor weatherlink?!

    Does anyone else use Weatherlink to monitor the weather. I have been using it a year now and it is awful as far as I am concerned. I cant even see what the previous months rainfall was!? Im using a Davis vantage Pro2 weather station which seems ok but the software is truly pants. Can I run...
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    Frontier to blame for holding the OSR price down?

    I really hope they dont merge! We are ff members and they are fantastic. Af looks far too top heavy and not streamlined enough imo. A case of Jack of all trades master of none. Above a certain size co operatives become less efficient
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    Dale eco m

    Interested to hear users opinions on the eco m.
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    Electric Farm Gates

    Another vote for turnpikes.
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    Grain cooling in bays

    I'm pretty sure something like this would work? Agrohanse are the company to speak to
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    Gear ratios for tyre options

    I swear our machines start to experience ratio issues once the tyres get worn. Its like an unlocking/bang when you take your foot of the brakes.
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    CLAAS Axion 950 issues

    Have a case that only had 350 hrs on when it needed to be split in half and repaired. It happens. Backup is the difference these days. Keep a note/pictures of everything. Call them as soon as there is a problem. Keep the pressure on. Make them work for you.
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    Does anyone run their own grain lorry?

    It wont be long before we are all shoehorned into running our own trucks. The rates are so thin for hauliers that they just wont bother with bulk anymore. We started to see it here this summer where trucks were in very short supply. Going forward I can see that most farmers will have their own...
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    Autumn sowing poll predictions

    Managed to finally get something drilled this Autumn here today....6Ha.. only 98% of the farm to go!

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