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    ez steer or pilot

    Does anybody who runs an ez pilot find that the wheel drifts when going down the road? This is when the wheel is not engaged on the highway and travelling in a straight line I have to constantly keep adjusting the wheel clockwise just to stay straight.
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    LIMUS urease inhibitor

    Where do you purchase it @Hunts farmer ?
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    Ammonium polyphosphate ?

    @Clive did you ever get anywhere with ammonium polyphosphate?
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    Lime on top of sowed beans?

    Yes be fine. Biggest problem would be wheelings. Not sure about the pre em though
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    Flat rolling osr to help battle against CSFB

    In a
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    Drilling anyone?

    Stopped here now until we get some rain. Any ground that was worked is dry as a bone. Only linseed to go though. Hopefully the crops we have planted in the last 2 weeks will have enough moisture to keep them going.
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    Telehandler legalities

    How about if you have been trained and have a telehandler ticket and tractor road ticket but dont have a car licence?
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    Farm Assurance - again

    Playing devil's advocate here but haven't the farm assurance schemes increased the quality of uk farms? The end user doesnt give a toss and it makes us less competitive and therefore less profitable but the quality of uk farming is among the best in the world possibly because of farm assurance...
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    Scrutton Bland

    Yes have used them before. Had a very good rep who we felt was clued up and fighting our corner. Then they left and joined somewhere else and we followed them.
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    Anyone switching to spring milling wheat?

    Nooo..silly idea
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    farming without an agronomist ?

    Never stopped using an agronomist but for a while was using them less but found there were gaps in my knowledge and things that I was missing that they wouldn't of. Also good to bounce ideas of someone. So have started to use mine a bit more again now.
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    Latest sowing date for spring wheat?

    It's as much a trial as anything. Hopefully something to harvest. Will keep inputs low.
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    Latest sowing date for spring wheat?

    Drilled another 8ha of skyfall yesterday 🤫 25/3/20 Running out of sw seed so thought it was worth a try? Thats definitely it now!
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    Insurance for Accidentally Mis-spraying Your Own Crops?

    Unfortunately we had this situation last year. New to us sprayer driver who tbh in hindsight was a complete waster. Managed to spray 30ha of beans in may with a sugar beet chem we suspect. Beans failed to pod. Ended up mowing the lot. Over 100t of beans we didnt harvest. Work the cost out...
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    Liquid fert


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