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    Native breeds photographs

    It could have been a distant shot - a Galloway disappearing over the skyline.
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    Bracken for bedding

    The tick that transmits Redwater thrives on Bracken-infested land.
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    Mules are still supreme

    I'm surprised no one has written a song about the Mule. Can anyone think of a few lines for the first verse? And to help, there are a number of rhyming words - tool, fool. rule, cool, drool. goole, jewel, wool, yule......... But it isn't just the Mule that is a wondrous cross. No one has...
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    Bracken for bedding

    Dried bracken is more palatable and just as toxic as the fresh plant. The most sensible thing to do with baled bracken is to burn it and to use the residue as a high potash fertiliser. And to buy a load of sawdust/wood shavings for bedding.
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    Rams testicle

    Maybe being careful not to waste money on ''expensive'' tups is why they can afford a new truck. The truth is: don't use a rig to breed replacements because, even if he works, the condition seems to be heritable. But there's nothing irresponsible in using a rig as a terminal sire, with the...
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    13 day standstill

    I have always assumed that it is 13 clear days, and that you will only be able to move her on the 10th October at the earliest. The irony is that we had the opportunity to have a 6 day standstill like England, but NFU Scotland concurred with a very concurrent Scottish Government to have 13 day...
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    Rams testicle

    As long as the seller announces that he is a rig (or whatever the local term is) there is no problem.
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    Companies won't take cash?

    But then he'd be entitled to stick his finger up one of your nostrils and have it away with your wife. It's an ancient law which has never been repealed.
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    Rams testicle

    That's outrageous. Even Priti has balls.
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Do you think that a proportion of Welsh Beef and Scotch Beef might actually come from the Republic?
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    Straw bedding calculations

    One good dry 4ft round bale each day should be a good starting point. Every few days, you might be able to miss a day, or if necessary, give them an extra bale. So 200 bales for bedding only should be enough for 6 months
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    Mules are still supreme

    The only reliable way of increasing the fecundity of a breed is to introduce a second more fecund breed - all the composites including the Cambridge have done that. But lambing percentage isn't everything. Most commercial flocks have situation where a proportion of singles is welcome. They...
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    Mules are still supreme

    Another question: is Celibacy heritable?
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    Mules are still supreme

    I didn't expect anyone to agree with my arbitrary scores. But having spent a lifetime working with Swaledale, Blackface, Mule and BFL sheep, they are the relative scores ( 100, 30, 120) I would give them. In tougher conditions, the scores might be 120, 20, 100, but it still demonstrates that...
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    Mules are still supreme

    If only life was that simple. When it comes to constitution and hardiness, what two other breeds do you suggest would produce even more amazing results than a soft BFL crossed with fairly hardy hill breeds. And there is no peer-reviewed research, or reliable observation, that within breeds...

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