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    Winter or spring barley?

    Specifically thinking about gross margin but also ability to smoother grass weeds. Any opinion please?
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    Cheapest form of N & S

    We’re currently on liquid bought very well this last year but looking to next year and seeing current prices so wondering if we should be using bagged stuff again. Anybody done a price analysis taking into account N and S percentages?
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    12 months grass weed attack

    Can you explain why?
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    12 months grass weed attack

    I’m not following at all. Just to clarify what I proposing is after harvest 22 we take our our bad grass weed fields and run a light disc press pass. It greens up and we spray off say end of September. Then go back in with the disc press and then spray off again early December. Then run the disc...
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    12 months grass weed attack

    Interested to know why? I would of thought continual germination in the top 2 inches would completely kill that off, then just no till after that fallow year never going below 2 inches again?
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    12 months grass weed attack

    Like many others were thinking of reducing crops we plant for harvest 23. Our idea is to spend what we’d normally do on fertiliser and then plant less acres leaving our grass weed fields fallow for 12 months. If we did this we think that multiple chits and burn off would be the best plan of...
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    Anybody considering suspending production for a year?

    Saw a near neighbour over the weekend. He and his son run 1000ac with a full time chap who’s retiring this summer. They’ve left 300ac of land due for spring crops and are having a year off after harvest 22. They don’t owe a penny on anything and have rental income so decided to opt out. They...
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    Seed storage quandry

    It’s not an option really as it would mean stopping a shared combine to fill bags off the spout. We don’t have enough trailers to cut all day and then store the seed to bag up early morning the next day.
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    Seed storage quandry

    Thought about that but how do you tip them up without spending a lot more money? Also getting them in and out of the fields (no tracks) could be a very big issue for us as biggest tractor is only 200hp.
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    Seed storage quandry

    Gents, randomly we’ve got 6 wheat varieties in the ground this year so when harvest comes around I’ll need to keep about 15 tonnes of each variety separate until we can collate yield data maps and decide which two to grow on. I’ve got no shed space to keep them all separate and I can’t use my...
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    200l/ha liquid fert nozzles

    Any suggestions for a nozzle that is good for 200l at 3 bar and 10km/hr. Currently running Teejet StreamJet 7 for 300-350l/ha but I need a different size for 200l and they are £10-14 each depending on seller. This is a bit of a one off some I’m wanting something cheaper ideally.
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    Tesla power wall

    Which supplier?
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    Will Putin invade ?

    If the nukes go up you can bet we will be targeted because Boris has been far more vocal against putin than anybody else in Europe. A nuke into London would be a catastrophe.
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    Can we all carry on farming?

    Sat and pondered it and to be honest when I rang my friend and said no I felt relieved as I kind of initially felt I needed to do it for him. No regrets at all.
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    Can we all carry on farming?

    I think your missing my point, which I may of not made clearly to be fair. If I crop it and let’s say it’s all wheat then I’m paying out £50,000 in fertiliser, £12,000 in farm saved seeds, £37,000 in chemicals. My in house stubble to stubble cost will be circa £25,000 plus the extra in fuel so...