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    Red Tractor Fight, Campaign Resources

    That's the way with most charity's.....
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    Toolbox on a MF 8740

    Got little toolbox off eBay, then put extra Ali on top for strength, so I can stand on it.
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    Toolbox on a MF 8740

    I'll do it tomorrow 👍
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    Toolbox on a MF 8740

    Yes, put low simple box on my 8732, works well
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    Stubble rake

    Think stubble rake does a good job, rake straight after combine then leave as long as possible before any proper cultivations, bg germinate in the little bit of tilth made by rake, plus spread chaff and straw out nicely, also helps with slug's and snails......
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    Feed barley price

    Me to, farmer assured.....
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    Which mounted sprayer

    On my amazone sprayer you can alter the flow at each valve with a allen screw, takes a bit to set up but worth it, brilliant sprayer.
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    Extinction rebellion; what would you do?

    Get the muck spreader or tanker out.....
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    Fertilizer a little lumpy!!

    Finally had a credit for the poor quality stuff, I'd rather it be right in the first place though, if you've got poor stuff complain, then they might try harder to get it right...
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    MF 8s

    I like my 8732, fine tractor, also like the looks of 8s just hope there good too...
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    Fertilizer a little lumpy!!

    If bags are wet when they come out of curtainsider I always put a note on the delivery ticket, just in case it's lumpy, makes a complaint harder to refuse....
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    Fertilizer a little lumpy!!

    Yes, they generally pay for your time messing about with it, but tractor spreader on a nice day is worth quite a bit per hour
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    Fertilizer a little lumpy!!

    Origin as well, the pink stuff ment to be dap......complaint in, but radio silence...
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    Mice in combine cab

    Chocolate raisin on a little nipper mouse trap works well.
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    Mf Combines

    Harvest 2019, our 2003,7278 went to help out a 2016, nh 9.80, we did 1200 acres with ours, he did a bit more, we had less breakdowns and used 30% less diesel per acre, our 3 massey's aren't bad at all.......