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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Bit strong isn't it? It's just an observation on what is a likely consequence if it does kick off in Ukraine, I know Clive's important round here but he's not actually pulling old Vlad The Invader's strings to bump his own margins up. Is he?
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    Member Gator - coming home to lambing

    One of the very best posters and a sheep farmer to aspire to. Really sad.
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    Price of pet lambs

    £40 apiece. Reassuringly expensive. Undercharge and the Volvo driving barn conversion owners just eye me suspiciously. Bucket of nuts is a fiver and special orphan spec rearing hay is 15 quid a bale 😎😎
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    Concerned about Red Tractor collapse.

    Playing devil's advocate here but I think the logic, if you can call it that, of producing a written safety policy is so that you can prove that you'd identified hazards and taken reasonable precautions to stop anyone getting hurt from them. Not just employees but the tanker driver, feed reps...
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    RT Inspector

    I dealt with a chap from SAI recently who was a retired agronomist and a thoroughly nice bloke. We don't have anything to hide (well, no more than everybody else...) but he clearly wasn't looking to particularly trip us up either. Couple of minor non-conformances which I couldn't argue with...
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    RT Inspector

    Unfortunately I don't think he is, he's a pleasant enough bloke but he does seem to relish his power from the job
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    RT Inspector

    I'll point that out to him, should smooth the way for a pass :ROFLMAO:
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    RT Inspector

    Here we go again. So in their latest bout of fu*kwittery the world's most incompetent organisation, the NSF, has just informed me that my new inspector is actually my neighbour. Whether or not we get along as neighbours isn't really the point, but ineveitably there would be times when you...
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    Free Trees for Wales

    This is just typical of these free schemes, run by a bunchanumpties from Natural Yoghurt or whatever the current govt organisation has "re-branded" itself as. Manned as ever by identikit worthy young bearded types who have a degree in envirobollox from the University of Polytechnichnowhreshire...
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    This farming life

    Just a heads up, on now, BBC Scotland
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    Forth coming fuel protests …..

    F**k me, cheer up. Grain prices at a near record high, pandemic didn’t kill all of us, I’ll warrant you’ve never fought in a war and neither have your kids, we don’t have rickets, polio or cholera, I bet you’re sitting in a nice warm house, and Ze Germans aren’t approaching from the beach. I...
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    Simon reeve

    Sorry, grumpy morning 😉 I know it’s all done with the best of intentions but as you’ve clearly witnessed yourself, there’s a certain type of rescuer who would personally make me want to take a longer run up off the cliff!
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    Simon reeve

    Can't like this enough. They're generally owners of defenders with silly balloon tyres and billy bolt-on's ebay accessory store nailed to every orifice, just in case they fall foul of a kangaroo in Houndtor car park. As you say, just desperate to "rescue" someone so that they go home and regale...
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    Simon reeve

    Mrs Reeves
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    Fox trapping

    Quicker just to catch the townie and humanely despatch him?