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    Sugar Beet 2020

    Anyone else seeing Beet Mosaic Virus? I seem to have varying amounts of it in my fields as well as smaller areas of Yellows. I think it may relate to how badly the herbicide stressed the crop in the dry weather.
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    Today at work

    Making hay in sight of Hedingham Castle
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    Whats the weaknesses of a simtech.

    No. The field was Trio’d last autumn, but had capped badly due to the winter rainfall. It was straight into the sprayed off Trio’d land at an angle, thus using the old tramlines again, then rolled a little later. No other sprays up to now.
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    Whats the weaknesses of a simtech.

    Sim tech drilled Spring Beans.
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    2nd hand Quadbike for an arable farm

    Knights/Searings motorcycles in Braintree sell mainly Honda quads. Very helpful and knowledgable about the product and good for spare parts.
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    Budget 4x4

    I have had a couple of seven seat Nissan terranos insured with the Nfu as any driver any age. my children found that quite useful whenever their own vehicle broke down. they are cheap, economical and reliable. they have a hi low gearbox and tow well although I can’t remember what they are...
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    Which packer roller for a shallow stubble cultivator?

    A guttler packer roll would do what you describe and work wet or dry. Wouldn’t come cheap though.
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    Calf with trembling legs

    Apart from a coppery sheen to the coat, what were the symptoms, an old farmer, no longer with us, told me thirty years ago that around here if you can see the river (Pant,Colne etc), the soil will be deficient in copper! Yes similar soil to you I am guessing.
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    Calf with trembling legs

    Ok slapped wrist. Calf is taking the bottle, and moves occasionally to find shade or warmth, but still has trembles. We are a little wary of overdosing selenium as apparently that is as bad as a lack of it.
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    Calf with trembling legs

    I am not feeling very optimistic about this one. Shame because it’s a nice beefy steer and had been full of the joy of life prior to this problem.
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    Calf with trembling legs

    We have brought calf back home for bottle feeding. It can get up now, but trembles continually and soon lies down again. Breathing speeds right up if it stands up. I will try to attach a video. can anyone tell me how to attach a video rather than a photo?
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    Today at work

    That was in about twenty minutes. I was double rolling a field and had to pull off fold up and drive out round some tramlines. Very relieved as I was starting to wonder what I have been doing for the past three weeks.
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    Today at work

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    Weaving GD user thread

    As far as using a free signal like Egnos to drill with, forget it. We tried using Egnos for quite a few years for a variety of jobs. It was useable for rolling or raking but couldn’t even keep accurate to half a metre or more some days. That tractor now has rangepoint which is accurate and...
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    Today at work

    Rolling today with an old favourite

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