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    Mf Front dual control question

    2 years ago... :eek: starts about 14 mins
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    Mf Front dual control question

    May or may not be useful but Farmer phill did a walk through of setting it up on his 6499 last year for the front mower?
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    Simba freeflow

    @B R C
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    Solar panel failure

    think the barcode is specific serial number for that panel but there will be a manufactures label (ratings etc) on the back Also if its just one panel, removing it from the string is unlikely to cause problems -the inverter will have an acceptable range of voltage and current per string and you...
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    New toy day

    because there's two types... the ones you're familiar with shaped like this \ \ (perpendicular cutting edge that you flip) and others shaped like this / \ (opposing cutting edge like post 7850 and need changing on to different drum/disc) - I'm sure you can agree you don't treat both bladed...
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    Drum mower - free rotating saucer not rotating!

    if you haven't already, being upside down will make it much easier (the mower that is)
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    Fibre broadband ducting

    yes I would think so I wasn't planning on trying to do do more than one chamber at a time!
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    Fibre broadband ducting

    do you think it would do multiple lengths (from one chamber to the next)?
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    Fibre broadband ducting

    Been through the process above and BT have supplied ducting chambers (every 100m, turns etc.) for us to install, about 600m, what the easiest way of installing the draw cord...? Its 75mm duct roughly, short of dropping a stone tied to the end of the rope for each length is there a better way...
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    Mf25 Telehandler help please

    @masseybreaker ?
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    High Horsepower 4 cylinder engines

    but similar to the 6499 on the harrows wasn't it?
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    What is the point/purpose of square nuts?

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    New farm house design

    whys isn't it more common to have mashing machine and tumble drier upstairs? saves carrying everything down and back up again (leaving it on the stairs)
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    New farm house design

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    Grassland Direct Drill