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    Honda TRX 350 Quad

    Don't sell it. They don't make 'em like that any more. Nothing new will measure up.
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    12 month Driving Ban

    Think his boss needs to have a word with himself. The culture is set by those at the top. (I am assuming that at 22 he's not the boss. Apologies if I'm doing him a disservice. If he is the boss, then he needs to have a word with himself about the safety culture in his organisation.)
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    Pre inspection/ audit service

    Well, I've had 2 audits with zero NCs, so that ain't always true! We're not perfect either. Conversely, the old man's tactic was to use the auditor to tell him what he was doing wrong. This went ok until he had the chief auditor do the mother of all audits on national audit day in the chinese...
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    PTO Guard replacements

    Administrative control (i.e. relying on operator action) is at the bottom of the hierarchy of risk control measures. It is at the bottom because people can't really be relied upon to do what they are supposed to do *all* the time. Engineered measures (e.g. guards) are better, because they are...
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    Good News in the pig trade

    Best of luck for the future @Dan.gerous.
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    Today at work

    Sometimes farming raises some interesting philosophical questions. In this case, if it's not overflowing, can you really be sure it's full?
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    Machinery Student Cock Up!

    I had to Google what supercilious means, but I think @DrDunc 's description is perfectly apt.
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    Piglet heat lamp

    The more often I hear you say this, the more I think ours are a bit crap.
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    Piglet heat lamp

    Its certainly possible to follow the train of thought.
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    Piglet heat lamp

    From my experience, overlaying is fairly typical. There seems to be some received wisdom that "non-commercial" sows are better at not laying on their piglets. No idea if it has any basis in fact though. My experience is that some sows of a given strain are better at not overlaying than others...
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    Told off by the bank

    I used to be able to explain it proper, but now I just know it's something to do with prime numbers and the difficulty of finding out if a big number is prime. So yeh, witchcraft.
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    Pictures From France

    What crazy ass contraption is that?
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    Accounts software

    Sorry, that was a bit absolutist... I have many many accounts. I still need Excel to work out feed cost per kg dwt sold because there's no facility to put the deadweight figure into Xero. Likewise feed conversion ratio. We buy liquid feed on a wet-tonne basis, but FCR is done using meal...
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    Accounts software

    I took over the books in 2020. We moved from farmplan cash manager to Xero. There was a big learning curve, and my reputation took a bit of a hit a few times (especially when the first VAT quarter didn't match up with Farmplan, which mother was keeping going till the subscription ran out, but...
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    Good News in the pig trade

    I guess that depends on the price of alternatives. EU pork is still too cheap for it to matter to the supermarkets. Processors might squeal at the lack of throughput though.