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    Not Quite Farm Engineering or a Quick Bodge.

    Well, it works! Here she is going in. Makes a bit of a mess. But fair gets the sh!t shifting. Took about an hour to fully homogenise a 13m by 6m pit approx 800mm deep. Did it from one location, pointing in one direction. Not bad seeing as the shed has been up since 2015, and never stirred...
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    What do you eat for breakfast

    Would love to work before breakfast for a bit, but it doesn't really work logistically. I live off farm, so getting out of my work garb, cycling/driving home, eating brekky and getting back to work would take an hour out of my day, whereas brekky can be cooked and eaten in 20 mins before I go...
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    What do you eat for breakfast

    Weekdays I have a boiled egg, toast w. jam/marmalade, and a bowl of muesli, plus two cups of tea. Found the egg is key to keeping me going till lunch. If I try to run on only carbs, it only lasts till 11. Weekends is usually a cooked brekky, usually involving some combination of eggs, bacon...
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    JP1's "Retirement"

    All the best @JP1. Know the feeling when something has to give; fair dos for acknowledging it and making the decision.
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    Micro Dairy share farm

    You sheep people are fudgeing weird. :ROFLMAO:
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    Not Quite Farm Engineering or a Quick Bodge.

    Gravity. Hopefully. It's got some heft; 324 kg according to the data sheet. But it's lost about a foot off the diameter of the propellor due to corrosion/erosion, and a fair bit of the gearbox casing has worn away. Apparently it developed 4600N (460kg ish) of thrust when new, so maybe half that...
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    Not Quite Farm Engineering or a Quick Bodge.

    We need to stir some slurry under the slats in the pig sheds, but we're too cheap to buy a proper tool. So I've "developed" this economical alternative. One second hand submersible agitator (ex AD plant, end of life for them, just worn in for us). New start-delta contactors, cable and plug. Two...
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    Best Legal shotgun caliber for dispatching weaner and fat pigs

    .22 rimfire blank, captive bolt gun. Give these guys a call tomorrow. 12 bore going off in a piggery sounds a bit risky to me. At the least I'd be worried about a stray round taking out the wrong animal in an inhumane way. But then I'm not a gun...
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    Goodnature A24 Rat Trap

    I'd like to try one here. Does anyone have one for sale? By the sounds of it, none of them will be worn out... PM me if you're looking to shift one on. Thanks Charlie
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    Today at work

    Are they just twunts, or is this some misguided way of trying to resolve a 'rights of way' dispute?
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    West Wales illegal Slaughter House

    I think "cleaning up the offal on site" by the pigs is a touch more serious than a breach of regulations. Feeding meat to pigs has been illegal for the best part of two decades. Need I remind anyone on here that FMD was circulating in the sheep population long before it broke into other species...
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    Health & Safety Documents For Sale

    Forgive my ignorance, or maybe I've misunderstood, but are you selling risk assessment documents to people without actually having been to their sites to actually assess the risk in a particular location, and see what control measures may be appropriate? I never did get my IOSH ticket, but even...
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    Project Xerion.

    I reckon Pete should stick with the Xerion. It sounds like the best compromise. Plus it's a feckin Xerion!
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    Advice on how to become an agronomist.

    You're young. Now is the time to get out and about. @Farmer Roy @Kiwi Pete @Lowland1 @Dian Landman @Blaithin What's the state of play in your respective necks of the woods? The growing season is just kicking off in the southern hemisphere. What about farm work down there? Yes I know the whole...
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    Super thick engine oil problem

    I just had the engine oil of our Manitou sampled. £60 told me some stuff I did know (like it's well overdue a change), and some stuff I didn't (there's a bit of wear in the engine, but it's not the big ends/mains). Might be worth a punt, to see if you can find anything out. I used...

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