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    The "I`ve got it" thread...

    The Moderna share price high was during last autumn so try 6 month's ago. The stunning drop (70%) since coincide's with the revelation by the Life Insurance industry that the annual death rate was up 40% in the All mortality class. Those self same Insurance companies enjoyed massive profit's in...
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    The "I`ve got it" thread...

    I can't help noticing how the Moderna share price has dropped like a stone since its $484 peak last autumn and went down to $132 early last week, and yet the company itself is still making huge profit's from it's covid 19 vaccine :scratchhead: Pfizer has also dropped but not so spectacularly...
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    Brexit is destroying Britain

    Never fear, Boris has it all under control...
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    I can’t understand the complexity of the Russian vs Ukraine situation??

    Vladimir Putin talking at World Economic Forum (Davos) 2021. The full hour plus statement is available on youtube if you can be bothered to watch it, it's quite enlightening. Mr Putin and many other world leader's are member's of the exclusive WEF club.
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    I can’t understand the complexity of the Russian vs Ukraine situation??

    No good talking to the Russian's Will, you need to talk to Putin's real boss over at the WEF.
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    Do we live in a civilised world ?

    No we did nothing because back then we didn't have the like's of the BBC to lead us up the garden path:rolleyes:
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    I can’t understand the complexity of the Russian vs Ukraine situation??

    You mean like the US 2020 election?? :finger:
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    Boris Is Toast

    No its the WEF plan to make the general populace all lose total confidence in they're individual governments (They're succeeding) and cry out for the representative from Davos "The great and the good":rolleyes: enlist us into a marvellous One World Government:eek:...............where...
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    Freedom Convoy 2022

    Yes thanks for that Oval, I must say I was unaware that Putin was one of Ming Schwabb's YGL's, that explain's a great deal about the Ukraine situation and most likely guarantees an choreographed escalating war situation for month's to come :rolleyes:
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    Emergency Powers Act enacted in Canada

    Smarmy Carney is also one of Klaus The Merciless's former Young Global Leaders.
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    Combine choice for 950ha

    I was watching a 780tt at work last harvest run by the Wright family in the fens near Cambridge, they bought it new in 2013 when the 780 first was launched, its done 9 years and handles around 3000 acres over a wide area. Obviously a very reliable combine. Given the sh1t the worlds about to...
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    The queen has covid

    Its extremely important that her Majesty recovers as William is not yet ready for the job and Charles would be a disaster as he is a committed globalist:mad:
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    Emergency Powers Act enacted in Canada

    Turdeau is a New World Order puppet, he would never have gotten in for a second term without a little help from his friends :rolleyes: However the damage is done, the supply chain has been smashed to smithereens, the fall out in the days, weeks and months will be horrible for Canadians...
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    Emergency Powers Act enacted in Canada

    You mean like here in the UK with Starmer & Boris!
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    Preparing for war

    Is that some kind of new fangled pigeon scarer?