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    Competition/commercial ploughing Cotswold Brash?

    speeding up the ploughing and pulling the boards in sometimes helps
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    Six nations results

    also revised amended result in the classic class due to totting up error of llanwarne ploughing society secretary of the final points which wasn't spotted till after the event instead of Stuart Forsyth marked up with 434 points it should have been 534points which means that he was 3rd and ceri...
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    Six nations results

    still six nations ,but some reason no competitors from Ireland entered,and just one from isle of man in the trailer plough class I would assume it was to close to the nationals over there.
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    Truck Insurance

    insured my 7.5 ton truck at start of the spring for "£ 370 odd pound including breakdown cover private use only with fuw insurance
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    tractor wheel mark

    thankyou everyone for some sound advice I think my downfall has been not shallowing off, did improve on that at my last match also I did experiment with putting the front disc out wider and it did make a difference, but I need to work at it to get it right :scratchhead:. Dave , sarn match...
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    tractor wheel mark

    right arcobob thankyou that explains it a bit more clearly, shallowing off rom the 8th furrow down can be easily forgotten when ploughing but it is important some competitors I know only shallow off only on there neighbours side is that common I don't know ?,is it best for the furrow under the...
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    from a book I have it reads as follows - conventional ploughing, the ploughman to win will have the highest number of points in one aspect, taken in the following order ; 1 -general appearance,2-uniformity,3 -seedbed,4- firmness,5-finish,6-start,7-ins and outs,8- opening.
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    tractor wheel mark

    is it best to but a wider furrow under the wheel at the finish or deeper or combination of both, I tend to struggle getting it right to hold that wheel up.
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    Graham Roberts

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    Graham Roberts

    anyone got home address so I can send a card,thankyou
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    That Time of Year Again.....

    merry Christmas and a happy new year from me and onwards for good ploughing in the new year
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    Graham Roberts

    very sad news indeed today, I can only say that we will be sadly missed in the classic class, ploughed against him several times he was a true fellow competitor, always met up with him in three cocks vintage and onslo steam rallies to have a banter. my sincere condolences to his wife and family
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    david brown 780

    I'm looking at upgrade the hydraulic lift arms and levelling box etc. on the 780 to the bigger david brown models type,suitable then to mount a ransomes ts 86 plough ,which model would suit as donor parts,i was thinking 990/996 ? ,sound advice would be appreciated
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    longer landslides

    thanks for the advice,. Will work on them this week and let you know how it goes.

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