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    So who has started drilling ?

    No wheat before October here. Also have to cut the maize and that is very close. Bg
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    How much Soya would be grown

    @Soya UK may be able to tell you more than me. My neighbour tried some last year, he won’t be growing it again. It wasn’t a Soya Uk crop. I think basically we don’t get enough summer heat yet. Bb
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    When is the latest you have (successfully) drilled grass seed.

    Last year I drilled Italian in early October, 2019 it was later. Haven’t started on this years grass, planning on doing some next week. Bg
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    Good Agri colleges

    One of my employees has a daughter on a rugby scholarship at hartpury. She loves it and has a couple of teams keeping an eye on her. So could be a contract after she finishes. Bg
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    TFF Most Popular Poster - Round 5

    The lack of my name on any of @Chris F lists means I can prove to Mrs Bg I am not addicted/obsessed with TFF 😁 So I am a winner😂 Bg
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    Good Agri colleges

    Bg junior went to Hartpury, was probably one of the best decisions he’s ever made. Did well, made good friends and really set him up for what he’s gone on and done. I cannot recommend hartpury highly enough. I have been through a number of Lackham students over the years and have 2 at the...
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    Do you or your family do your own bookkeeping?

    Same here Bg
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    Doggy holocaust

    I know somebody who has a well bred working spaniel, it’s a lovely dog they had to have the best (most expensive probably) dog they could find. It is totally the wrong dog for the household, I think it’s hardly let out of the garden because they can’t lead train it, I have given advice but it’s...
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    Do you or your family do your own bookkeeping?

    I do mine, have done for a number of years since mum stopped. In that time the business has grown quite a bit. I started on farmplan and have now been on Xero for 6 years. It does take quite a bit of my time, however I find it very rewarding to know the financial position of the business at any...
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    Doggy holocaust

    That’s my eldest in the avatar, she was my lockdown bill, had a melanoma in an eye which had to be removed. The optic nerve was still in one piece so they don’t think the cancer has spread. She’s still keen to work but tends to bump into things on her left. Will have pups from one of the...
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    Doggy holocaust

    I’ve had a couple of litters over the last few years. Only because I want to keep the family going and want another dog for myself. I’ve always sold the pups before they are born. The dogs trust is simple compared the selection process of Mrs Bg. She will reject people for anything. There is...
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    Creep box v vario

    Have a old Fendt vario on my feeder and it’s perfect for it. My non techno brother drives it and he won’t go back to a conventional gearbox for the job Bg
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    Sediment in Sprayer Lines

    I use a product called Nutralise was good at cleaning out my old Jd sprayer. The recirculation on that only went as far as the section solenoids and I was always getting gunk in the lines. Have a Knight now with proper recirculation, I always flush through with clean water at the end of the day...
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    Creep box v vario

    No idea about a creep box but just tried 0.1 kph or 100 meters a hour in my Fendt, set it on cruise control. I can confirm it is very slow 😁 Bg
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    Will high fertiliser prices change you’re cropping plan.

    I put a umbilical pipe through a culvert to get across a road. It is possible to push a pipe under a road. Dig a hole either side a it can be bored through. You do need planning, last I heard it wasn’t a ridiculous cost. Bg