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    Your perfect seeding tine for a Horsch?

    Before you make any decisions please speak to Stuart Aldworth, Technical Manager at Bourgault Tillage Tools He can give you the full rundown on all the available options and give you the detail of other farmers to speak to. Email - [email protected] Tel - 07825 339483 Web -
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    JD 750a Needham Ag Order

    Forges De Niaux discs are available from Bourgault Tillage Tools UK Ltd, email - [email protected] tel - 01733 971971 buy online at the Farm Marketplace. web -
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    Dutch or VOS

    If anybody wants to try before you buy we can help with a couple of samples. Just email [email protected] or call 01733 971971. WEB -
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    Clayton sr drill seed boots

    If you need any advise you can contact Bourgault Tillage Tools direct as they are now in the UK. email - help' or call 01733 971971
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    Bourgault VOS on a Horsch Sprinter

    Bourgault VOS 610-TIP-0802 on 688-HLD-2080 on Horsch Sprinter ST 6 Seed / Fertiliser. Available for immediate delivery from BTT UK.
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    Thank You from BTT UK !!!!

    Since our launch in May 2021 (See Below) all of us at Bourgault Tillage Tools would like to thank everyone who we have worked with since then and who have helped us in our first months of trading, making it all a complete success. Starting anything new is tough, however when we are working in...
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    Horsch joker alternative.

    If anyone wants to build their own then we can supply all the legs, wearing parts and discs 👍
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    Row Spacing in Grass

    It would be worth speaking to our Technical Manager - Stuart Aldworth. email [email protected] He has helped a number of farmers who have build their own drills.
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    Bourgault duck foot sweeps

    Hi Spotty Dog. Can you email me your details and I will get our technical manager (Stuart Aldworth) to give you a call to discuss. [email protected] Thanks Ian
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    Simba freeflow - Simtech conversion

    If you want to look at Bourgault VOS for the sprinter - get in touch. Email - [email protected] Thanks
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    Dutch Coulters roll pins

    If you want to pull away from the roll pins I will do you a deal to convert to Bourgault VOS when you are ready ;) -email, [email protected] @Banana Bar
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    Sub soiler knock on points

    Definitely shouldn't fall off. If they are then something is not right. Email me your details and I will get our technical guy to give you a call so that we can get it sorted. [email protected]
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    Sub soiler knock on points

    Bourgault Tillage Tools Available from BTT UK 200- PWV range.
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    Amazone one pass

    Unfortunately we don't have anything that would really suit
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    Amazone one pass

    Difficult to say as it depends on the current tine arrangement, number of tines and also if it is seed only or seed and fert. We would need a bit more information about the current set up before we can move onto price.