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    Better stock up on baked beans!

    Can't beat eating a beaver but not the one that eats trees😂😂
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    Slurry bugs in slatted shed

    What's the best bugs to use to reduce crust and stirring time thank you
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    Livestock camera

    Hello what camera s are people using in there sheds for lambing /calving would need to be a sim card one many thanks
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    Ritchie spray markers

    Yes most sell it but been in a few stores and noticed the prices looked like gone up thought there may be some deals on elsewhere
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    Ritchie spray markers

    I've always have used ritchie got on well with it for lasting but looks like I should be trying aps
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    Ritchie spray markers

    Does any one know of a good store or website that sells these markers at a sensible price many thanks
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    Mobile sheep handling systems

    We bought a rappa with the higher hurdles glad we had them has its surprising how many jump over them still
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    Wanted Dorset mule two tooths

    Looking for 100 to 150 Dorset mules many thanks
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    Wanted in calf suckler cows

    We like charlois, Hereford, blue from freshian cows or simintal
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    Wanted in calf suckler cows

    Looking for a 10 to 15 in calve cows or heifers don't mind x breeds thank you
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    Scanning and fasting

    We never fast them straight in from field to the shed and scanned are you asked to fast tjem
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    Electric central heating

    Cheers for replys I did not know there was such a thing has electric boilers what I should of asked about is electric radiators that have clay bricks in that with thermostats in that come on and off south west heating supply them
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    Electric central heating

    Any advice on eletric central heating we looking to put heating into the farm house I like the idea of eletric radiators but not sure what it's like any advice will be good thanks
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    Peppa pig world

    Have no idea what it's like probably a rip off like most attractions in hoilday times
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    Peppa pig world

    Hello the wife wants to take the kids here for a trip over the hoildays wondering if any of you got a b,& b or caravan nearby would make the trip more bearable to stay on a farm Thank you