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    Classics Earning their keep.

    7600 4.2 litre - 6810 4.4 litre longer stroke,same bore = more torque.
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    Ineos Grenadier

    My son saw one turning into a wedding venue , across the valley from here. Apparantly Ocean BMW were also having a launch event for their latest tossermobile. A local man tried the Utility Grenadier and wrote on the grenadier forum, that they had pushed the rear seats so far forward that it was...
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    Lely Hay Turner - What Have I got?

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    Wildlife Snaps

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    Trees - the fantasy and the reality

    "Too many people also tend to see wood as better than oil or coal because the amount of CO₂ produced by burning a given unit is much lower for wood. But this overlooks the fact that you get considerably more heat from burning a unit of oil or coal than from wood. In other words, you have to burn...
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    Air con pipe jd 6910

    How are you going to regas your system ? Legally the old gas should be sucked out before you disconnect any component.
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    Ineos Grenadier

    If you watch the "building the Grenadier" videos you will see off road performance is not compromised - proven BMW engines , ZF gear boxes , Magna Steyr beam axles, galvanised ladder frame chassis etc.....Vehicles like this should be designed by engineers not accountants.
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    Ukrainian Farmy

    Yes please :) - oh I think I miss read the title.
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    Rising surface temperatures

    The Grand Solar Minimum is also delaying planting across the Dakotas, too. “The weather has been a little bit strange,” said Paul Thomas, a farmer in north-central North Dakota. “We were looking at a really early spring. In fact, we actually had our drill hooked up, ready to sow seed [in...
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    Rising surface temperatures

    The tropic of cancer goes through the middle of India , so now is normally its hotest , not July/August like those of us further North.
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    Philmac poly liner

    I avoid using them on the rising main - whats the point in spending extra money for a 50mm pipe if you're going to reduce it down to 40mm on every joint.... I even use over size gate valves and Ts , so there is less resistance caused by bulky plastic fittings.
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    Garden agronomy.

    Second photo looks like Celandine
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    Alarming aspirations from latest climate report...

    The video says it would take 300 years , to double , at current increments. I don't know if the different isotopes of Carbon( C12,C13,C14 etc) cause different amounts of warming , but we all know methane from ruminants hasn't changed much over the years.
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    Alarming aspirations from latest climate report...

    The relevant bit of the video, to this thread (4.08 to 10min), is that doubling of methane , would only result in a rise of 0.012 degrees Celsius.
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    Alarming aspirations from latest climate report...

    Climate science 101 with David Siegel - YouTube Have a watch of this video. The first ten minutes explain that water vapour is responsible for 75% of the green house effect , and although CO2 and Methane are powerful greenhouse gasses, their effect dimminishes as concentrations increase , due...