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    Today at work

    I use a front press if the rows are big , i just carry it about a foot of the ground , it makes a big difference how the row feeds in .
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    Toyota hilux buying used

    Tractors in Aus dont need Add Blue so that could be wright. My 2013 had problem with the 5th injector for regen. other than that good motor.
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    Flakes per bale

    Thursday in wheat straw at 9kmh 20 to 24 flakes Friday same field 9 kmh 28 to 30 flakes same length and same plunger force . MF 2150. Straw slightly damper on friday after a night shower . ?
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    Flakes per bale

    As above how many flakes per bale are people trying to get on a 2.4 m straw bale .
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    National Trust destroys decades-old Bassenthwaite grassland

    National trust have had a lot of work done on a friends farm near me ,i have never seen so much waisted money spent on unusable buildings. They alt to be ashamed .
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    Mf 5465 clutch

    There is a good clip on youtube about calibrating the clutch but if either the 4wd or difflock button arnt working you cant calibrate it .
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    6920s back end whine

    Check the outer axel bearings.
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    Forage Wagon work rate.

    I know its how long is a piece of string , but what sort of acreage would you like to be clearing on a 8 ton May !st cut on a 3 mile round trip on good roads with little traffic.
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    MF 200hp + what to look for?

    That is iso . max hp not ece rated hp.
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    MF 200hp + what to look for?

    7720 is really only 180 hp 200hp on boost MF use a different hp rating compared to other makes . Get a 7722 .
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    Difference between a JD 2850 and 2650?

    I think 2850 has a heavy clutch , heavy duty 4wd clutch pack .
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    Dowdeswell Dual Spreader

    Good spreaders on slop not so good on solid muck , the tyres are a problem i think you can only get Russion tyres so we changed the wheels .
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    When will it stop raining

    131 mm here since 1st of January
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    Massey 5455 speedshift calibration

    Possibly break light ,diff lock disengaugement , and 4wd when breaking.
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    Wanted New holland ts115

    Brocks have one ,it was my one .