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    Weaving GD user thread

    Sumo had a system on their disc drills which pulled up under the lift arms to transfer weight from tractor with conveny single acting linkage. I haven't heard anyone how well it worked in practice.
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    Weaving GD user thread

    If you are buying new then the width dictates mounted or trailed. 3m = mounted, 4m and over = trailed. Bear in mind that these are not high speed drills compared to some disc drills. 8km/h is about the average drilling speed for a GD compared to the other makes of disc drills which tend to be...
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    Simba mininflow

    One thought would be trash clearance between the tines. How much you need will vary with your own conditions, but I would suggest not trying to go very narrow on the row spacing with a compact tine drill.
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    Weaving GD 3000 Fan motor seal

    Have you got it connected to a free flow return?
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    CAD software

    I out of curiosity I had another try with free. It was not a clunky as I remembered, but still not as slick or nice to use as the commercial offerings. For example it lacks a smart dimension tool when producing sketches, so rather than just selecting one tool and then quickly adding a load of...
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    I admit, I have a workshop tool addiction :-)

    Looks... Interesting, but you can bet that western makes would come up with special irregular size blanks that their tools have to use.
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    Which filter removal tool ?

    Been using a length of seat belt and a surplus sparkplug socket with a couple of slots cut along its sides it for years.
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    Ideal combine

    It's quite a few years now since Deere showed some tracks like that on a combine. I guess the one downside is reduced contact length in normal field conditions.
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    CAD software

    A tracker ball is one alternative to a mouse. I find mice can vary though and some are fine while others make my hand ache after no time at all. Onshape will work on a touch screen tablet, but I find it easier to use on a regular computer with a mouse. It might work better on a touch screen...
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    CAD software

    OnShape has a free option and is cloud based, but anything you do with the free version will be public for anyone to see. Like most other CAD programs, the full versions are seriously expensive if you only have occasional need for CAD. I tried Freecad quite a few years ago, but it was very...
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    Trimble 750

    I'm not certain on the 750, but on some Trimble devices there is a settings for maximum distance and angle off line the system will engage steering at. I just set them to the maximums it will allow.
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    Vredestein tyres

    I suspect that has a lot to do with it. I am also a little sceptical though as to whether all manufacturers sidewalls will actually last indefinitely if the tyre is always run at the lowest allowed pressure according to their chart. I also wonder though what the dynamic loads are actually like...
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    Vredestein tyres

    Are there any tyre brands these days that nobody (or at least relativerly few people) has had sidewall issues with?
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    Bearing cap

    Ah, she shield isn't a press fit onto the bearing. Just looking at the pics reminded me of some that were.
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    Bearing cap

    The last time I had to deal with bearings with shields like that fitted to them, they were custom made for the machine manufacturer (Cousins double press) and getting new bearings from them complete with shields fitted was either about the same price or cheaper than anyone else we tried could...

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