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    Range point or centrepoint

    One way of testing for yourself if and how quickly your signal drifts is to drill every other pass across a field and then see how it matches up while infilling back across the field. I use rangepoint and have my nudge increment set to 5cm. That is as course it can be while still being fine...
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    inverter ark welder - Which is positive ?

    Would they still weld okay and be less likely to melt through thin sheet then if connect positive to electrode?
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    Weaving gd drill

    I guess that is why some other double disc coulters have a part that goes round in front of the discs where they move back together.
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    Farm Engineering

    If the supply is only say 200bar then it should still operate the crane, but at 2/3 lifting force?
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    Egnos for new combine????

    There are a whole bundle of issues with the combined accuracy of any satellite steering system. The accuracy of the signal will affect where the controller thinks it is, but how it responds to that is affected by a lot else. If you are not doing something like CTF then a signal that is not...
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    quick fixes, bodges and creations

    No such thing as waste materials on a farm. I have muse heaps and they only become scrap at the moment they cross the scrappy's weight bridge. Pallets are no different.
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    Weaving gd drill

    The unidrill worked reasonably well on cultivated ground without rolling before, but my soils are not the light fluffy type.
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    Weaving gd drill

    I suspect all low disturbance drills will have the same issue if the cultivated ground needs consolidation across the full width.
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    Weaving gd drill

    I haven't tried my GD on cultivated ground, but I recall the manual for the Moore unidrill strongly recommending rolling cultivated ground first.
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    What did you build over Christmas?

    I somehow managed to avoid them all despite the nephews best attempts to scatter Lego far and wide.
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    What did you build over Christmas?

    Retail seems to be about £350.
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    What did you build over Christmas?

    I just looked up that technic excavator. I would love one but the price... Yikes!!
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    Overlap on rtk one side

    If you two passes next to each other in the same direction, is the overlap right?
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    OK guys,pull this one apart.

    I went out for a drive today and saw very few fields that had an autumn planted crop growing on them. Either there might only be one plough left in worcestershire now or ploughing is not a magic bullet in a year like this? Just checked on the soilscape and no surprises that the area I saw neat...
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    Where to mount a lightbar

    If you are steering manually with a light bar to guide you, then straight in front of you seems a lot easier. If you have some form of auto steering, then forget about the light bar. I have one system with auto steering and mounted the screen on the B pillar. When lining up at headlands, I...

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