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    Farm diversification - caravan storage

    We did it for 8-10 years. It brings a bit of money in and is less risky than farming. As others have said it brings it’s problems. Most of them can’t reverse, we had a grown man stroking his caravan and asking us to luck after it with loving care. Another couple used to come every Thursday to...
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    Canopy on winter oats cut off temperature?

    Why not miss a night in the pub and spray them in the evening.
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    Pickering to Tamworth

    Tractor from Pickering Yorks to Tamworth Staffs if anyone is passing asap. Thanks
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    Thanks for that. I have seen it. 👍
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    Thanks I’ll have a look
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    Thanks for replying. What gearbox has that got in it.
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    Old farmer's saying's..... do you know any ?

    When a farmer goes to a farm sale “ he takes his cheque book with him and leaves his brain at home”
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    Mxm 175 pro

    Sounds like you’ve got a good one 👍
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    Mxm 175 pro

    That’s interesting to hear. Probably for every negative response there’s loads of them running along smoothly. You have to expect a few repairs with an older tractor but I certainly don’t want major costly ones. Was yours a pro?
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    Looking for a 6920s 50k
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    Mxm 175 pro

    Had a chat with a relative who’s in the trade and he said there are better tractors to be had Anyone got any brain waves what WOULD be a good buy for a sensible priced 170-200 horsepower with 50k.
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    Mxm 175 pro

    They do seem cheap horsepower. Have you had any trouble with it over heating?
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    Mxm 175 pro

    What’s peoples thoughts on a Mxm 175 pro 50k ? My son says there are a few knocking around for sale at reasonable price but I don’t know much about them as I’m a Deere man. Would be interested in peoples thoughts and experiences please. Cheers
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    Surface for infront of farm house

    Has anyone ever used coloured concrete?
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    Car Insurance

    Thanks for the tips. OH is on the case and will try the options that you have all suggested. It’s a mine field out there trying to sort it. We will see how today goes. Thanks