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    Roller shutters

    Only the best I hope! ;)
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    Forage crop for sheep

    I don't think that's a very high rate. 42% of 1.5 is only 0.63kg/acre. We drilled a mix of 64% Green Globe/ 34% Gorilla Forage Rape this year at 4.2kg/ha / 1.70kg/acre. These days you have to spend a bit more to feed the flea beetle! It could be perfect rate and you should be happy that your...
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    Stocking rates....

    Mob stocking - all the rage these days!
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    Claas Dominator 98 Classic

    Wow! Should be in the Claas museum. Good luck selling it but you probably won't need it
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    Opico 12t gas drier value

    I'm looking at selling our 1980's Opico 12 gas fired PTO drier. It's in good working order, complete with DCM box, having completed harvest last year. We now have a new Masters so looking at selling the Opico. I have someone interested who made me an offer on the phone without even seeing it or...
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    Weeds in Westerwolds

    They're not weeds, they're these fancy modern herbs you pay extra for. Will make your neighbours jealous.
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    Buttercups are problem weed and a lot of people don't know that they are actually toxic for animals. Horses in particular will avoid grazing them and this results in them being overly competitive producing a field of yellow in horse paddocks this time of year. Topping will help but spraying wtih...
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    New toy day

    That's proper posh for Cumbria! Nice one.
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    Leaking Barn Roof

    We've got a grain store that has an old asbestos roof that's very old. The roof sheets are cracking in places and letting in water. We've with some success used lead and gutter sealant in a silicone tube from Toolstation or similar. Very much a bodge, especially as it was done from the inside...
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    Wool...what will you do with yours...

    We're a little way off shearing here due to cold wet weather. I'm trying to decide what to do with our wool this season. Is it worth any more than last year? Is it even worth sending in?
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    BPS split fields

    +1. That's what I have done. In Land Use section on RPA online system you can split fields with multiple crops
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    Treating Mastitis in sheep

    We have used Zactran and Metacam with success for the past two years now. How does Draxxin compare to Zactran?
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    Trailed Weaving Sabre tine idea?

    Great idea. We had one on demo and it was too heavy for our current tractor. I've had a price for a new tractor and 6m drill but am still recovering from the shock! I think I'd have to plant the whole farm 3 times each season to justify it Good bit of kit but it will add to price to make it...
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    Wages for employee

    £20/hr??? 65hr week 50 weeks of year = £65,000. Oh and you think he should ask for a house as well?
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    Weaners wanted

    I'm looking for 4 weaners. Based near Cheltenham GL54 postcode. Can collect.