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    Glyphosate shortage

    Boris has sorted the Visas for the Eastern Europeans to come over. However, only matter of days before we run out of CO2 again. Then we won't be able to stun the Glyhos and we'll be screwed again! Best order some fertiliser to stand any chance of getting Roundup
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    New toy day

    Nice. Bet you could have bought a house for what that cost! Like the sprayer shed as well!
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    VAT on topsoil?

    Asked Mr Google but could not find a definitive answer. We are a farm and if I sell some soil from the farm to a local resident is it VAT exempt?
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    Monitoring your in store combinable crops for temp,m/c and bugs?

    This is my first year with using pedestals and fans. Never had anything before but grain was only stored 2.4m deep max in old shed and never had any significant deductions in 30 years of selling grain. We've put up a new store now and felt that as we were going deeper fill pedestals and fans...
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    Best place for wire fence yorkshire HT8/80/30

    What's the advantage of HT8/80/30 of the 22 variety? Just cheaper?
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    Liability grazing sheep

    Sort out insurance if you're not already covered and have another word with him. Sheep grazing in autumn/ early winter will benefit next year's hay crop - might be worth mentioning. Make sure you setup a TLA if you get permission.
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    Rainproof sheep lick?

    I remember Dad using Rumevite blocks years ago. He used to put them in a round metal container, I'm guessing designed to perfectly fit a round block. Do you put yours on grass with or without container or similar?
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    Grass reseed - roll after heavy rain?

    I hope so. We managed to do some before the rain and won't be able to get on the field with the roller now. I'm leaving Mother Nature to roll it in with raindrops. Had enough of them today to do the job!
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    Rainproof sheep lick?

    Put them on higher ground! Only a problem here after rain but never worried about it. I guess you could drill holes in them or tip upside down before heavy rain forecast.
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    Broadcasting seed 24m

    Thanks @Tartan Farmer & @BuskhillFarm . Do you have three spinners on your machines?
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    Broadcasting seed 24m

    Thanks @D14 Just looked at their website and had a chat with a very knowledgable and helpful chat at Techneat. An Outcast V2 applicator with 3 spreaders is going to set me back about £6,000. I think this will be better option and not a lot dearer than the S/H sprayer and pelleters option...
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    Broadcasting seed 24m

    I've now explored several options. My preferred option now is to to buy a cheap mounted sprayer for less than<£3,000. We'll remove the end boom section and attach two slug pelleters approx 8-10m apart.Not sure about the spacing. 2 @ 8m would be even spacing for our 24m tramlines but would more...
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    Drilling and not putting in tramlines but adding autosteer to the sprayer?

    There's a great episode on Clarkson's Farm about tramlines if I recall. Very informative?? Some people think they know best!
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    Getting sulphur on next spring

    I got a quote a good few months ago for Polysulphate. Was quite a cheap way of adding S ... at the time.
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    Is your old ram pump getting expensive to maintain?

    Saw this with interest. I've posted a thread here with a problem I need to solve. We have a Blakes Hyrdram on the farm which works well most of the year but in dry times over the summer there isn't sufficient water supply to operate. What minimum water supply will the Pappa Pump operate with...