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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    I've got 60 stores knocking about, reasonable size at home. Do I send them to my other block of grazing 20 miles away on clean grass and grow or sell as stores now. Help, what do I do. They are not taking grass away from pregnant ewes....
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    Prattley 3-way manual draft weigh crate......

    I've used numerous weigh crates but always like the prattley weigh crate, however I think rappa handling unit is stronger than the prattley, only my opinion...
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    Prattley 3-way manual draft weigh crate......

    Was told 9 months for a 3 way weigh crate
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    Prattley 3-way manual draft weigh crate......

    Tanner is the only one I can find too....
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    Prattley 3-way manual draft weigh crate......

    whats the RRP for one, can't find a price online...
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    what grinds your gears

    Work a couple of days for an old boy who has two grandsons working for him, the youngest 19, just finished college, thinks he knows it all, thinks he's my boss, and even has the audacity to say to me this week "glad you're back this week so I can do fu#k again" Just wanted to knock him out.
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    Self employment!

    18k when employed on one farm. Now 35k plus whatever my ewes produce. I lamb around 5000 sheep a year. Thats a lot of hours........ I also have small contracts where wealthy land owners have stock but are willing to pay well for somebody to do the bigger jobs. Some pay well for you just...
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    Self employment!

    Why would I lye?
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    Self employment!

    Went self employed 6 years ago, doubled my annual income immediately. Pay less tax Now run 200 ewes along side doubling my salary
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    Your current weather.

    No frost. No snow, Gusty winds, I'll take that over what they we're saying I'd wake up to, Warks/Glos border
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    Dry dog food and tins?

    All 5 of my working dogs get dry dog food only, at least 20% protein, usually a muesli mix. Oldest is 14 and still working a couple of times a week. Can't complain about that
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    Ewe beet consumption

    I've got 73 ewes getting through 1 ton of beet in a week every week, hardly any grass in front of them plus a round bale of hay about every 9 days. Not lambing until 20th April
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    Smock Top

    Got a ridgeline monsoon and a swanndri. Since owning the ridgeline I've never worn my swanndri again!
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    Grass Keep Wanted......

    I'm a contract shepherd of many years now starting up my own flock Expanding sheep flock is looking for more ground to go at. Anything considered! :) South Warks North Glos East Worcs Thanks

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