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    What....No On Farm Weighbridge?

    The monetary value could vary massively after halloween so it's anybody's guess, particularly considering that Australia is likely to change from an exporter to an importer this year.
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    iPhone battery

    And if you do you won't need the battery anyway........;)
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    Well a big enough cheque book is the answer to carbon footprint

    That is my understanding also - Can you imagine what would happen to LHA as an international hub were there to be a unilateral duty charged on aviation fuel and a different rate at AMS or indeed any other major hub ? Is not ALL aviation fuel traded in US Dollars ? An aviation fuel tax would...
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    Control box window sucker

    Run a damp finger around the rim of the suction cup before applying to clean glass - Maybe even a sliver of silicone sealant. Have used one of them to hold a car window up when the leccy winder went caput before now ;) The biggest problem was getting it off when I repaired it 3 months later....
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    Control box window sucker

    Something like this will work well if the glass is clean..... Makes two --...
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    Wiring a three phase motor

    And nine times out of ten you will find that it will rotate in the opposite manner to that which you desire at the first attempt ;)
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    Best place to buy glass milk bottles?

    Been out of it for nigh on 20 years but Seaways will come up trumps for you.. For smaller quantities and excellent advise try If you are using glass then make absolutely sure that they are going to be returned and are washed, sanitized and refilled at leats an...
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    BBC Remainer bias

    The United Kingdom was the very first nation to ratify the European Convention on Human Rights in March of 1951 (Just FYI)
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    Milk Price Tracker

    So that’s an 11% increase ( since 1997)
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    Reminds me of when our 1494 Hydrashift had been stopped and parked up in the yard 2 hours previously - started itself up and then burst into flames - Albert Hurst sorted it and sent the NFU Mutual the bill.
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    what grinds your gears

    Poor design and trailer manufacturers don’t seem interested in improving them. I made our own for silage trailers which were stream lined at the front so as to glide over swaths without dragging and were no wider than the drawbar itself but sufficiently long to prevent any significant sinkage -...
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    VW van

    We got 2 x Pug Partner fridges from Northgate on May 8th 2018 - Going for their 77k miles services next week
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    VW van

    Another plus for Van Monster - They are the ex-fleet vans from Northgate Vehicle Hire and as such have generally been serviced properly' they will come with a full MOT and a limited warranty. You will still need to check out whichever vehicle you are buying though 'coz some will have been with...
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    Increasing Fendt top speed?

    Load it on to a low loader trailer behind a 450 hp artic unit ;)
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    JD 2650 Overheating

    If some of the tubes have got severely blocked over time then overall cooling efficiency can be compromised without appearing to reduce the overall flow rate. Perhaps it is time to bite the bullet and replace the radiator core ?

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