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    Peer to Peer renewble energy trading....

    Has anyone any experience of this ?
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    ELMS Fiasco

    The reduction in state aid would be good for farmers were there no government interference as to how they wish to farm and no state aid in countries competeing for the same market...
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    Farmers don’t want to be full time hedge-trimmers

    "Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI), which entails being paid to plant hedgerows at a rate of £24 per 100m of hedge and £49 per hectare of woodland," Seriously ? ? £49 to devalue land with a current value of £20,000 which produces something in the way of food ......? This should have been...
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    So much for Global Britain ..!

    Anyone else think that the annoncement about "Units" from government is anything other than to create a distraction so that the serious stuff going on at the moment gets overlooked ?
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    Ewe with photosensitivity?

    Could she have found and got a taste for the pile of dehydrated pulled ragwort ?
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    Stacking shavings on a trailer

    I would suggest straps over every row of bags on the first layer before applying the second layer and doing the same again....
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    So much for Global Britain ..!

    Yep, ahead of our time and with a catchment of miners and ex-miners who tend not to be trendsetters in the culinary field. My eldest daughter was at Reasheath and the main project she developed was with kefir about 10 years before it became mainstream and before the dairy lecturers had even...
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    what grinds your gears

    So far as I am aware there is no way to "Conserve" water - It can change it's state from ice, to liquid or vapour and can be saltwater or freshwater or dirty water or potable water but i really don't see how you can conserve it. A bit like "Saving" life really - A life is a life, all we can do...
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    So much for Global Britain ..!

    All done according to the rules and regulations with an Untreated Milk (Green Top) licence. I held an untreated (Raw) milk licence from the early eighties until I packed up with cows altogether. Local EHO argued with his boss regarding how we should be protecting the heads of galvanised...
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    So much for Global Britain ..!

    Wouldn’t last a month in the UK once trading standards get a whiff …. Where’s Boro ? Middlesbrough? Hemingbrough? Edinburgh?
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    So much for Global Britain ..!

    Only in the UK - In France you can still buy Raw Milk in re-cycled Coca Cola bottles in many rural markets. So many of the EU rules were goldplated in Whitehall it's as though there was an anti-EU agenda in there somewhere....
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    So much for Global Britain ..!

    Any progressive operators into precision farming who uses a mix of units ?
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    So much for Global Britain ..!

    Maybe Brexit supporter Lord Bamford’s products will turn to UNF and UNC threads ?
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    So much for Global Britain ..!

    So are US made JD’s SAE or Metric or do these snippets from another forum ring true ? “Deere even though it is an American company is worldwide and most of the world uses metric.... so metric it is.” “Most American made cars and trucks are metric now as well. The good thing about our Deere's...
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    How Long Have You Had a Vehicle Battery Last?

    Position of the battery on a vehicle can affect how long it lasts - Not many Ford Tractor batteries on the rack directly over the heat of the engine would do 5 years - And the DB ones bouncing about in front of the radiator weren't a lot better...Certainly had 2 x 6V EXIDE over the back axle...