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    Collie pups for £1000+...,

    this is pip she is 5yrs old cost me £250 as a pup, I trained her to work with no previous experience. She works the sheep and cattle over 2000acres of marshes, she knows every bridge and ditch and I couldn't be without her, she is also a family pet brilliant with my 3 year old and lives indoors...
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    Question: To farmers who are interested in practicing agroforestry on their farms - what's your biggest obstacle?

    We are predominantly marshes, no trees will grow, willows do grow but the wind soon deals with them.
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    yard cleaner

    Surely all you need is @Robert K he would do it for you for pie and cake👍
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    Do you name your tractors?

    Our combine is called mylene (class).
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    Supporting an elderly relative

    My mum is hopefully going to have a cochlea implant if she can ever get an appointment due to covid they are only dealing with emergencies. My mum is 65 and she can't hear at all unless both hearing aids in and sitting directly in front of her. She mostly lip reads but her confidence has really...
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    Supporting an elderly relative

    My mum is also deaf and finds it really hard when she has to contact the hearing specialist at hospital and there is someone on the end of the phone with a foreign accent. I now do all her calls as it's so frustrating for her.
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    Farming toys- recommendations

    Just noticed the stockperson has been impaled upside down on a gate post🤣🤣 h & s, red tractor, RSPCA and Peta better not visit!😏
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    Farming toys- recommendations

    the brushwood shed complete with beer box straw shed😊
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    Farming toys- recommendations

    We got our 3year old a brushwood set last year, it's very robust not broken anything but to be honest he prefers to use a cardboard beer box we painted one day to look like a barn🤣
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    Auction bargains - things you didn’t expect to get as cheap as you did.

    Last year a class 2009 rear butterfly mower for £4500 couldn't believe it! Only 30mins away by tractor to collect it too.😊😊😚
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    A certain trailer pass scheme

    We weigh every load coming into the ad plant, wet green crops weigh very heavy, Brown dry maize crop very light. Trailer drivers need to have some common sense when weighing and filling trailers to know when to stop filling, communication between clamp trailers and forager drivers to keep...
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    Store cattle

    Lots of store cattle in Ashford the next few weeks.
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    We have been asked in the past to take are contracting gang to join in with the rest for Pretoria. I'm so glad we never have. We hope we are seen to be respectful to everyone ( road users, farmers and local residents) the last two years has been an absolute nightmare for mud, we stick signs up...
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    suckler cows vacinations and bolusing.

    We bvd vaccinate and batch test for ibr and lepto( never found any) were johnes testing but as clear couldn't justify the cost of testing every year to stay accredited. Closed herd except bulls which are tested and isolated on arrival. We suffer with high levels of molednum (Not sure on...
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    oh feck

    A swearing budgie would liven up church when you get to take your pets along🙈

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