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    Sarko jailed

    Utter cop out.
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    The above is from another thread, but it brought a long-held view of mine back to mind. I support the idea of the NHS, it needs changing & improving in various ways, but the principle is a very good one. But... it seems manifestly absurd to me to pretend that general dental requirements aren't a...
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    Sarko jailed

    List away...
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    Utter b ollocks! Most of the world's walking around on dead cows & they get no criticism, b astards... :mad:
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    Sarko jailed

    What should Boris be doing time for?
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    Please complete my super quick survey for my Masters research. Thank you :)

    Well, it had potential, but there was an awful lot of trying to over-intellectualise toward the end. I can only echo some of the other comments by writing that the whole thing seemed loaded, in fact geared toward reaching a desired end... :unsure: And... 6. How useful are alternative...
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    Best way to deal with a non paying tenant in rented farmhouse

    @nosmokenopoke I'd still get my foot in the door via a small claim; it costs little and, if they are playing the system, getting a charge on them could pay in the long run. See below... The thing is, lots of people - farmers and others - have worked bloody hard to put a deposit on or to buy...
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    Goodbye Britannia!

    Yep, they keep on whinging & carping that the UK's a 'sinking ship' but, if so, what does that make them...? :banghead:
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    EU: open borders, or else...

    It means 'escapees' (as in from Blighty), and I had to use a search engine to get the word with the 'accents' because I have no idea how to do so on my own computer without resetting the language. (y)
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    Littering in the countryside

    Weirdly, all the prosecutions of 'householders' I've seen for this fall within that, not one would have had to drive further to reach an official dump... :banghead: (of course pikey types don't fall into this category) I can think of a few places in France where I've seen as bad, outside Paris...
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    UK Census

    I find the prying into sexual preference & 'gender orientation' annoying, it's just pandering to woke whiners, a passing fashion and no more; and I'm minded that the state has no right to such information. I also think it is hypocritical. The 'authorities', all major political parties, the MSM...
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    Where will the Dutch go?

    Which is a bloody stupid way of trying to have a dig while making it bleeding obvious that you aren't scientifically literate. Jog on...
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    EU: open borders, or else...

    Yet there was no data suggesting that the vaccine is in any way a risk to the relevant age group, and its own data plus comparative analysis with other similar vaccines indicated it is of no risk and is of very probable benefit, and such has proven to be the case. I don't think that the origin...
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    Where will the Dutch go?

    If you understand the science, really understand it, from the potential and actual effects of clathrates in permafrost to the oceanic 'conveyor-belt' and its entropy, you'll know that I'm rather underplaying the situation. (y)
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    Where will the Dutch go?

    First, I'm not over-stating this and being neither poof nor urbanite, I don't and will never 'chillax'... :yuck: But will have a relaxing beer or peg as appropriate to season. (y) Second, you must be mathematically competent, so tell us... what is the additional force any flood defence will...