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    Weaving sabre tine user thread

    First 2 images drilling in to OSR volunteers and the last pic drilling in to bean stubble, had to have the following harrow in the least aggressive setting to get trash flow in the OSR but bean stubble back to the “standard” middle hole.
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    Weaving sabre tine user thread

    @Bob lincs how are you getting on with your seed tubes?
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Bid yesterday 235 delivered for feed beans and I think HC are in the 250s
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    Frontier haulage

    You’re probably making the mistake of believing they would care. I’ve never been able to get on with Frontier, the seed price is always expensive and the grain price is rarely on par with others
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    Winter barley varieties for 2021

    Sensation seed was delivered beginning of September, drilling it today. Doesn’t help you much though unfortunately.
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    Weaving sabre tine user thread

    Has anyone drilled hybrid rye with a sabre? Could you get a consistent enough seed depth direct or in to lightly disced land? It seems to have a rather specific depth requirement around 12mm (1/2”)
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    Optimum to sow rape

    Sounds like he’s on the fence to me 😂
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    Power washer

    Got a Mac Avant here from Ruck Engineering, put a turbo nozzle on it (the above mentioned spinny concrete cleaning end 😂) just don’t use it to clean your car/tractor
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    Ideas for YFC first meet

    Our first meeting back after summer is always a social/games night, bit of rounders/football something to get everyone involved. Could do a bbq as well if you wanted
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    Weaving sabre tine user thread

    The ridged effect wouldn’t concern me at all, I use mine mainly direct but I have some to do after a pass with a carrier. Best advice would be to not keep looking at it after you’ve drilled it, emerged will be less even than you’re probably used to due to the fixed frame coulter arrangement but...
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    That’s not a bad price considering the rises in solid fert, I ordered tank fill at £228 back at “new season” kick off. It was delivered last week
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    £200 Nov feed wheat offered today
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Is that £500 all in or plus oil bonus? Haven’t been bid a price near £500 plus bonus yet
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    Weaving sabre tine user thread

    Drilling stubble turnips tomorrow, do other users reduce fan speed for small seeds? Run at 4800rpm for cereals on a 6m.
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    Cattle feed barriers

    Thanks for thinking of me but I don’t think they’re what he’s looking for. If it helps though I have 20x 2.4m feed barrier sections for sale