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    Best advice you never paid for...

    Use your head to save your legs
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    Soya 2019

    We are growing again as well so are neighbours who grew for the first time last year. Just hoping spraying off is ok without diquat
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    Songs to listen to while letting off water

    Here comes the flood peter gabriel
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    Harvest 2019

    Yes we have used diquat this year. I think some trial work has been done with other products but don't know how they have worked out. Roundup hasn't been used up to now to avoid any potential residue issues and i personally think it would be a backward step to start using it now especially with...
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    Harvest 2019

    Possibly especially now that growing rape has become so hit and miss. We are taking it year by year at the moment but we are learning to grow the crop. It won't suit everyone our blackland near Peterborough means we don't worry about spring seedbeds in May or have problems not being able to...
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    Harvest 2019

    Cut 25 acres on thursday moisture started at about twenty dropped down to about 17.5/18 would have finished the last field as well apart from a small break down with combine. Last 15 acres cleared today we were lucky and only caught light rain last night. l had looked at the forecast and was...
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    Harvest 2019

    Might be just under a ton to the acre. Enough to leave a margin but won't make me rich. Easier than worrying about growing expensive rape crops which then leave little or no margin. Not much trash left behind straight in with the drill towards the end of next week with wheat.
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    Harvest 2019

    40 acres of soya finally cut
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    Harvest 2019

    40 acres of soya still to cut in the fens
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    Soya 2019

    Drilled our soya yesterday. Weaving sabre tine drill 16.18 ha across three fields. One field straight into a lightly disced in sept failed rape crop. Two following potatoes lifted in Nov fields ploughed then pressed twice in Feb. Seedrate 133kg/ha. Second year growing for us on black fenland...
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    Trusted plant machinery dealers

    My 16t machine came from Nelson Green.l would also highly recommend Fenland Tractors bought a 5.5t duck and 6t Hitachi both good well sorted machines
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    Excavator buckets (new)

    Can highly recommend BMC buckets they have made me three specials including a 5ft ditching bucket for a 2.5t takeuchi. Very reasonable aswell
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    when whinging and singing collide

    Forget to add just find Lexie Green online or you tube
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    when whinging and singing collide

    Couldn't agree more my wife has just released her third album all written by her and performed with real instruments and real musicians
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    Mottoes & Sayings to live by

    If your not in bed by midnight give up and go home

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