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    self storage shipping containers

    Depends how much the neighbours look over the hedge. Keep it low key, get green ones, try not to make traffic flow jump up to much so highways get excited and try a few. Depending on your location these can pay for themselves in 2 years. If you plan to put them inside to keep sat images away...
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    50mm water.pipe

    Total pipe solutions are the cheapest on the net that I can find for 32mm
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    Selling a plot on your boundary

    Interesting feedback, thanks! The site is unusual, it’s got neighbouring house one side and two main roads virtually front and back so only really one side to be concerned with. I’ll see what my lawyer says as standard and tweak if required. It’s a bit of risk selling and I hate flogging...
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    Selling a plot on your boundary

    It will only ever be agriculture Mains drains I think, not sure I’m too worried about more building, think I will put up a fence on the inside of the hedge
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    Selling a plot on your boundary

    Hoping to go under offer for a building plot on our boundary for a single dwelling soon. Own access so no real interaction likely. I need to give thought to condition etc. All I can think of is their right to light and who will own the boundary and who should maintain it. What other things...
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    HSE to clamp down on farms this 2019

    Moved one 2 yrs back, took about 3 yrs and £3,500 from memory
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    Road planings

    Yeah it’s more abundant now than last year, anything lower than £120 a load is a good deal. Depends on the quality of the road though, c roads are poor!
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    Raising grainstore roof

    See #28 Indeed, it’s being considered!
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    Raising grainstore roof

    Feel free to offer one !
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    Raising grainstore roof

    See # 15 Yes sadly, hence why reluctant to mess about to much!
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    Cost to build a house

    Maybe in the good old days but not now, no way is there a 1/3rd profit init these days! Cil and other council based costs have got stupid now. Yeah, it nearly caught me ought, it was a barn conversion, I could no believe it, luckily flogged it to the neighbour
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    Going rate for board and lodging for a week or so

    Just to be clear, I put a ? On the end of that on the basis that I assumed that self employed would factor in all their costs to the price of a job. Thank you. This post seems to have split us all in opinion. He’s very good value but that’s mostly because of where he lives and where we live...
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    Going rate for board and lodging for a week or so

    He asked us if we wanted his services, we said we may do. He offered us £X hr to come south and do as much work as we wanted. He asked us to pay half the transport costs. He then asked where he could stay, was there space with us. It never occurred to me that his hourly rate for working away...
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    Going rate for board and lodging for a week or so

    interesting feedback - thanks everyone. last time I did this was in 1998 so things may well have changed. others started the discussions with him about his wish to come and do some contracting so i'm trying to work out what the 'norm' is. the perception it seems is that accom and food should...
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    Going rate for board and lodging for a week or so

    So if you are self employed and you take a job away from home, you don't factor in accommodation in the price you charge for the job you do?! The price he has quoted is reflected in my post's question.

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