EcoStim Limited

EcoStim Biostimulants are made by using the natural properties of plants. EcoStim’s complex composition looks to fulfil many of the promises made by genetic engineers, but without the environmental and health risks, while preserving the bio-diversity of our planet.

EcoStim is a UK based manufacturer and distributor of natural biostimulants. All our business operations are managed in the UK, with localised distribution agreements put in place in each country in which our products are used.

Our product portfolio range can be used across agriculture, viticulture, horticulture, ornamental and sports application. All products are complex biostimulants containing a range of organic materials, with no live micro-organisms.

We are passionate about ecological sustainability and are concerned about the effects of climate change on our planet. This is why at the heart of our values are those that enable all members of our supply chains to operate ethically and sustainably.
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