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    Getting dry

    6mm here in east kent last night hopefully more today
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    Getting dry

    Out knapsacking this morning- hot and dry but still a dew.
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    Getting dry

    Well here in east Kent we have basically had nothing - extase is in ear starting to look a bit stressed. No rain in forecast - had around 15mm in last 7 weeks with a drying wind most days.
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Exactly same here in east Kent - strong winds no rain - my extase is out in ear and no rain in forecast
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

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    British Farming Union on TFF
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    Cheapest Way to Dispose of Broken (Heating Oil / Water / Fertiliser) Plastic Tanks?

    In my experience, unfortunately, landfill has always been cheaper than recycling if decision just made on cost.
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    Environment Agency waste exemptions survey

    I've had an email invite
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    AHDB get registered

    Totally agree - waste of time PR exercise with no chance to comment on anything - appalling 😡
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    ADHB consultation- those that registered can now vote

    Me too - where was a comments box or anything of any real value for us to vote on - appalling PR exercise only
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    Fertilisers: UK to reward green farming practices as costs surge

    This is copied and pasted from link - RT to control more fertiliser standards :mad: Changes to the use of urea fertiliser You might remember that Defra ran a consultation to reduce ammonia emissions from urea fertilisers. It began last November and ended in January. In response, an industry...
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    Fertilisers: UK to reward green farming practices as costs surge
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Will they have a choice? Diesel, string, wearing parts as well as fert all increased - hay got to go up considerably
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Why has AHDB not updated prices?
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    2 wonky lambs unable to stand up, any ideas?

    Have you got a video? Could be swayback or just tight tendons. Might be better asking in livestock section?