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    Massey Ferguson 590 starting probem

    Talk to @ACEngineering and get a price for a decent reduction starter. (assuming you have a decent battery and wiring).
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    Matt Baker,Countryfile

    I would have thought the mods on here need to look.
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    The Perfect Storm

    Many might say/think that has always been the case since the European industrial revolution and the backing system developed.
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    Fordson Newark 1997

    Yes I am sure the goal posts have been moved.
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    Matt Baker,Countryfile

    How do you define hard work? Sitting on a tractor for several hundred hours per year, milking 150 cows through an old parlour on your own, chasing sheep on a hillside, mucking out calf pens with a dung fork, sitting in a farm office making strategic decisions? We don't really know what makes up...
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    Case 4230 drop arm lift rods

    I was guessing there but thought there must be some method to lock out. Read with interest as I might keep an eye open for my old 895xl.
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    Matt Baker,Countryfile

    Is he not a tenant farmer that has seen business opportunities?
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    Case 4230 drop arm lift rods

    Is that what the lugs are for on the clevis?
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    Case 4230 drop arm lift rods

    Assuming that is to allow for float, replacing the crappy little pins that went through the original lift arms above the clevis. I wonder if there is something missing that could lock out the slot?
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    New Highway code rules ffs

    The only way that might anywhere near work is to have a mandatory speed limit of sub 20mph in all towns, residential areas, industrial estates and any where else where people might be walking. It could well be chaos with in a short space of time with legal fees being scooped up by the legal system.
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    Shuttleworth 1977/ 78

    Ah! Not as old as I thought. 🤣
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    Case 4230 drop arm lift rods

    So the pin is seized on the centre part?
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    Case 4230 drop arm lift rods

    I wonder if the links from the later Case of Mccormick could be adapted?
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    Case 4230 drop arm lift rods

    Is the OP talking about the lift rod between the lower link arm and the top lift arm? Includes the levelling box? If they are similar to the 95 series and before, they are crap, particularly on the higher hp tractors of the range.