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    bloody cyclists

    Actually Ollie I find the vast majority of car, van, lorry , tractor drivers extremely accomodating and do their level best to make sure we are safe when they are near. Contrary to the ranting on here by Bike haters 😂 I suspect they do their level best not to upset us, just as I think the vast...
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    Mf 165 fuel issues

    sure it is not sucking air through the broken tap?
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    Inverter tripping

    If your problem is earth leakage I am afraid it is not good news if it is roof mounted. A common fault is these systems when they were installed the connectors were supposed to be tied up out of harms way. However this took time at least 20 seconds and a cable tie and often they were just left...
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    bloody cyclists

    perhaps you are just slow , keep up :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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    bloody cyclists

    3 times outof four I am across the road before a car beside me has got moving. I am not bragging it is just a simple fact that time the driver has seen green foot on clutch and go or the auto start kicks in etc several seconds have passed. On a bike you have a foot on the pedal just kick down...
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    Excellent article about vegans getting ill.

    It seems the Djokovic may not be a true vegan , but he certainly does not eat a lot of other product
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    bloody cyclists

    imagine, you are ten cars back from the junction turning left, ahead of you is a lone cyclist who wants to go straight on, where should he be, on the inside , at risk of being cut up, by a you when he gets to the front, in the centre holding you up when the lights change, or at the front and...
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    Removing passports and drivers license from drug users

    I think most of our anti drug laws only go back about 100 years. I think registered addicts were allowed access to legal drugs from pharmacies until 50 years ago, may be less
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    Excellent article about vegans getting ill.

    Actually if you look at a list of athletes who claim they are vegan there is only a couple I recognise, being Djokovic and Hamilton. However all, take all manner of supplements to ensure they are at the top of the game. Many it is known have taken other more dubious ones before getting to the...
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    Will a GSHP work on generator?

    I find this difficult to believe. Their is little reason why a proper gennie should not be able to do the job. Many Gennies are running equipment around the country with no issue. The problems usually arise when the Gennie is not up to the job and voltage drops which can destroy motors and other...
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    Removing passports and drivers license from drug users

    Surely , smoking opium is still legal in the 18th. Century😂
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    Screw extraction set

    amazon reviews are a complete waste of space, as they are asked for and given about a day after delivery. No chance for something to have broken then.
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    Land drainage Cost

    Les Cotton, Miles, Philip Millington, William Moorfoot Take your pick
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    Booster vaccine side effects

    You wont get a choice on the day, but am certain that if you see a doctor first they would be able to get you put on the best one.
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    bloody cyclists

    Lets get some reality in the discussion. You are 200 times more likely to be killed by a car than a bicycle! If you set out tomorrow to buy a lottery ticket, you have a 16 times better chance of hitting the jackpot, than being killed by a bike.