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    Do you all just pay the Tax?

    I'd agree, and spending a good bit of time with clients on mitigating that. Much more available during the year than after the end.
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    Xero - tips and tricks

    Yes, it's pretty straightforward and works well.
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    Making Tax Digital

    Xero + Dext gets my vote. Probably biased as an accountant, but I use it for my own farm business too.
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    Do you all just pay the Tax?

    Send me a pm with some contact details, I can do what you want from an accountant.
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    What are my cows worth ?

    Provided a herd basis election is in place, yes, otherwise taxed as income. Going back in to the same type of herd within 5 years will unwind the tax savings.
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    Telehandler mounted scraper?

    This one is a Harbrook Ultra Scraper, it's on a Manitou 625 and is a great bit of kit. Would recommend.
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    Liquid or solid fert spreading

    They just bring a loaded bowser with them and leave at the yard, will swap it at lunchtime or so if one bowser isn't enough. It's the easiest way I can think of to get the fert out.
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    Liquid or solid fert spreading

    Liquid. I can ring a contractor for them to bring fert with them and apply, no bags, no infrastructure, no hassle. Just leave sprayer man a map.
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    Cashflow- overdraft V loan repayments

    The tax is irrelevant on this, you get relief on the interest charges on either. No tax relief on the capital repayment or any reduction in overdraft. So it comes down to which is cheaper. Depends on the rates, but a good rule is that an overdraft should be cleared at least once a year...
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    Sheepskin rugs.

    Pittards in Yeovil did one for me a couple of years ago.
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    Do you all just pay the Tax?

    There are two ways to ensure you never pay any tax in farming. One is to not make any profit, and the other is to spend any profit you make on things like machinery. Neither is a great place to be. I spend my time talking about tax, amongst other things, with my clients and there is a broad...
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    Capital losses on milk quota?

    Can carry forward until you die. Use against capital gains, but you must choose to use it.
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    Fraudster impersonating my business

    Best thing you can do is get a schedule of all your borrowings together, get it countersigned by a solicitor and your accountant, along with details of the people who are authorised to apply for credit for the business. May not stop the imposter, but can be used to remove fraudulent borrowings...
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    Email invoices

    Invoices are paperless here, emails get auto forwarded into Dext if it has the word invoice anywhere in the email, paper invoices photographed and shredded, again put into Dext. Invoices recognised, checked and pushed into Xero. Takes about a morning per month to do the invoice admin for two...
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    Email invoices

    Is that a new VAT number or a transfer? Transfer doesn't have the online application option and is awfully slow at the moment, 9 months wouldn't surprise me, new one should be quicker.