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    Thick spring oat volunteers

    wholecrop oats....
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    ELM Scheme

    What are the biofuel plants policy on taking in farm assured grain? Presumably they don't care if it is RT assured, not assured or Ukrainian imports, just whatever is the cheapest they can get their hands on. All very well agriculture being more price sensitive... but we know those swings...
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    What’s this barn dried hay I keep seeing advertised

    Is usually possible either the week before or 3 weeks after it gets cut :facepalm:
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    What’s this barn dried hay I keep seeing advertised

    I settle for sun dried hay.
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    Tackling Crypto on Farm

    A thread about Crypto and not one mention about Bitcoin....
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    Tax relief on Red Diesel being scrapped in budget?

    from the mouths of those least able to afford it I suspect....
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    ELM Scheme

    I certainly wont be so high nobody produces food, the budget is finite and far smaller than the BPS budget in real terms
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    ELM Scheme

    What will they pay... a couple of quid per hour less than working in McDonnalds I expect...
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    The new Nissan Navarra for 2021

    You must have one of the few that hasn't snapped its chassis yet, my ranger chews up gearboxes instead
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    The Red Tractor ACCS referendum

    BPS was subsidy. ELMS will by and large not be a subsidy. ELMS will be payment for cost incurred and income foregone in supplying a "public good" The only farm subsidies we will see going forward will be in the form of capital grants.
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    ELM Scheme

    Still so many farmers who have yet to grasp this!
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    How does a non government organisation claim to know my BPS area?

    Have you been trying to under declare your farmed area for your RT invoice... :ROFLMAO:
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    ELM Scheme

    What it won't do is replace the farm income that comes from BPS which is the difference between profit and loss for around half the farmers in the country. In all likelihood it will fail farmers and it will fail tax payers but it will probably keep land agents in the luxury in which they are...
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    When will it stop raining

    You are welcome to some of ours :cautious: No doubt once it stops there will not be any when we need it, again!
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    Budget predictions ?

    I dont see there being Covid Bonds. Firstly because Starma suggested it, secondly because unlike after the war the government can borrow money at near negative interest rates from the bond market or they can just print more, any such a scheme would be a mere gimmick. Apart from that I would...