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    News: Countryside crime rise linked to cost-of-living crisis

    So another excuse out travelling community can use that they only nicked the new tractor to buy a loaf for their 12kids, which goes to prove crime does pay.
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    Ford 7840 (1993) SLE 16x16 Gears gone.

    I have not got much time as doing a show at Rochford, Essex today but the processor allows oil pressure to build up in a clutch pack until the plates are starting to bite which in turns slows engine down by 50rpm that is then recorded and used by processor when changing gear, as a temporary...
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    Lorry brakes slow to enage Iveco 100-13

    If it's got brake fluid chances are it's servo assist, as stated check all brake linkage, you must have a gauge in cab either to tell you what vacuum or pressure you have with engine running, once at mark should only drop slightly when pumping brakes with engine running, if it don't or takes a...
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    Ford 4600 Flasher Unit

    English or Australian.
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    Why not try to get a collar made by small one msn band engineer with a lathe if it fits inside oil seal than could be got from a bearing place.
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    New Holland 376 Rail adjustment

    Yes flush or only just below if you don't have any shims behind stationary knife and it's still above rail the rail is worn if so you may be lucky to get bolts out to remove it or shim it, plunder knife is shimmed to be flush with your new rail so when set up they only miss each other by max of...
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    New holland 8340 hydraulic system air bleed

    They never need bleeding, if they have air in system something is wrong, when fitting any new filters that are upright fuel, engine oil, or hyd then fill filters before fitting i even put oil in horizontal ones the reason being more so if on suction side, pumps can be dry until oil gets there.
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    Temp gauge

    Could also be voltage regulator in dynamo circuit or if you have alternator have you checked voltage on battery when running.
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    WD40 or alternative

    I found not that good for rusty bolt release, i use no nonsense release spray from screwfix big can cheaper than wd40 best one pls-gas but expensive and not so easy to get now.
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    quick fixes, bodges and creations

    I have used brake cleaner for instant start petrol or diesel not so volatile as easy start, ref deodorant i would suggest people buy as many shares as possible in makers of the cans as with government guidelines that we are getting short of water so they want people to wash less often and...
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    Ford 4600 SAFETY CAB Wiring Diagram

    I think i have but am busy at moment, have a lay back with a beer and i will try an look this evening, i do have one for a Lincoln bomber [ true].
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    4610 gear problem

    No the reason the box has to come out is some selector rods are removed from rear and some shafts, i don't know what is still available if selector because Fords changed the shift pattern to a more normal; H pattern which meant changing at least one selector, if your one is H it may be ok.
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    New Holland 376 baler

    8ft-2in transport position.
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    4610 gear problem

    Rubic cube, could be weak selector rod spring or more likely synchro worn, spring done from top off cab on but box out if not, can leave cab on which is what i did if farm job, special tool to lock top of box or one can be made, without it you will be lucky to get all gears when top put on.