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    Steel frame spec for house

    Don’t worry about the drains they can be core drilled and cut in at the time of conversion , the main thing is having a floor slab 200 mm thick and reinforced to take the liner load of any internal walls , Make sure there is adequate bracing in the building as if it’s insufficient at the time of...
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    2012 jcb js 130

    You should get 15 percent of that
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    Straw shed approx cost

    Very much doubt they’d be able to stand on with that price now
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    Calf creep feeders

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    Calf creep feeders

    Learned the hard way here
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    Calf creep feeders

    I have Watson ones here new with bird flaps and badger rollers available for them
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    Bale trailer or low loader?

    Would be very high ride height on the 560s I would have thought
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    Feeding square bale silage then cattle waste it

    They don't waste any with self locking yokes and they don't need to be fastened in to prevent wastage
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    Road maintenance in France - Vive la difference!

    Not if you want some cheap pipe bedding , There a good idea
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    Galvanised steel frame

    Steel sections sounds light for the size especially the rafters 65ft span on 20 ft bays on 10”x5 3/4 “
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    Steel framed shed house

    I hope they are not reliant on the Hibbitt case with the above statement
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    Steel framed shed house

    We have done it with a building that was new in 2007, Well worth the effort and needs a bit of thought put into it. Don't be fooled to thinking you have a flying start with the existing building in place as sometimes a new build would be easier but the planning would be near impossible where as...