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    Thoughts please?

    Have 4 off those nut guns and very good I would recommend them the oldest 2013 is about knackered now but still works just use it for running foundation bolts off
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    like I say if same as ours the blue coil that operates the spool could have gone weak and not drawing the shaft as quick as it should or the valve is sticking .You could try swiping the blue coil over, screw of the retaining ring and should slide of shaft you should be able to identify them by...
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    Probably the coil has gone weak or the spool is seizing if its the same as our side boom loadalls
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    Do steel buildings need concrete on top of holding down bolts ?

    cap of with concrete and make sure it goes under plates and in cones to stop anything moving and protect bolts from corrosion
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    Yard drainage channels

    I think the bit you are referring to is the bottom of the door I wii see if I can find the pictures of one with holes in they look better but in truth the slots take most of the water
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    Yard drainage channels

    I think the bit you are referring to is the bottom of the door
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    Round galv gutters

    Lindab do the half round in 3m lengths and all the fittings look on there website to find a dealer,Most builders merchants can get it
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    The prize for championing farming goes to..........MacDonalds !

    That would pass for the vegan option
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    grease guns for a dairy farmer

    used one for years very good and reliable but the grease was getting dear so went to dewalt battery greaser on the std cartridges but not as clean to use
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    Thieving barstewards

    One of our tele handlers was found in a wood 40 miles away police said they were watching it to catch thieves of course you can guess the rest
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    Are straw choppers really worth it?

    my central feed pass needs to be eaten up so I can back down and blow straw in from it so put the correct amount in each day its on a 12m handler so I can reach into open yard and unroll a bale into feeders without fear of trapping a head in the feeder
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    Are straw choppers really worth it?

    I had the intention of feeding silage out on the central feed passage but as you say it fluffed it up and I think they were pulling to much through and wasting it and it was going to shorten the life of the machine a lot as it gave it a lot more gyp than straw I now use a hustler bale unroll...
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    Are straw choppers really worth it?

    I am glad I read this because I would have wrote exactly the same I did notice your machine did send the straw a hell of a lot further than my Teagle although the straw did not look as smashed up as mine out of a class combine
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    Roof ridge

    All metal flashings are usually made to order but some merchants stock 200x200 plain corners the one in second pict is a shadow line barge usually to order

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