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    what grinds your gears

    Same here, pool of oil under under back end , been moving straw with the hay bob flicked a stone up and hit the back end sight glass, what’s wrong with a dip stick.
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    Taxing a tractor.

    Yes got all the paper work for it but no tax reminders or old tax disc’s, ive found loads of paper work for everything else going back years,but nothing for this one tractor.The log books in our name as the first owner and that’s about it,
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    Taxing a tractor.

    I’ll go ahead and tax it, could just do with out any hassle from some jobsworth at the moment, Thanks for the reply’s.
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    Taxing a tractor.

    Have just come across a tractor that has been on the farm for 19 years that has never been taxed, it’s the only machine which goes on the road without one, we have never had a reminder for it,this is why I think it has sort of slipped the net.I only found out when checking the due dates of the...
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    Gleam and Skyscraper wheat

    Have 30 acres of gravity next to 18 acres of gleam on some very light land, the field has had plenty of fym and after spring beans ,the gravity is much taller and leaner looking than the gleam both crops have had the same fert and sprays,the gravity does look very clean with very big heads but...
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    Dog Walkers

    Just give them 1”
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Had a quote for k-nitro @ £273 last Wednesday,full load
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    Today at work

    Proper tractor on the front
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    Dad, I've had your tractor seized

    Used to go to Hilton park services most nights when we planting spuds for a mate,I know a small back road to the services,it’s for emergency services and police only,we had 5 off us in a fast track most nights,just used to knock the flashers on as we went past the pig pen.
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    Infested ... and helpless. Ideas?

    We had the same issue here last November,a local twitcher club said there was about 40000 of them roosting in the wood by the neighbouring lake,they were causing the animals a lot of stress,crapping everywhere and eating large amounts of feed,we tried everything possible nets,sky hawks,feeding...
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    How many have you got to do? 3 months old we just go into the pen and grab them one at a time and clip them and inject them,if there 5 months they go down the race, there is no easy way off testing young stock.
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    what is problem with 10 plate landrover engines??

    I had loads of issues with the first land rover which was replaced after 6 weeks,gearbox,small electrical fire,doors wouldn’t stay open,then the water leaks round the windscreen,electric windows and wipers would work one day but not the next,door pads kept falling off because you had to slam the...
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    Farm Assurance trailer numbering

    Be nice to get some farm assured stickers made up too,beef and lamb and combinable crops while your on.
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    Verge cutting

    Wouldn’t make a difference if our local verge cutter did 5 passes he goes that fast down the A5 you can’t see where he’s been,he’s shite,
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    Got a joskin one hear, makes a decent job and has had a fair bit of abuse in past 10 years, only had to replace blades or shear bolts.

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