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    Andrew Blenkiron

    Sounds like an audition for ride on the gravy train. What a pr*ck
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    New Sprayer choice

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    British Farming Union on TFF

    was there anything at lamma advertising this??
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    is anyone going? for the first time in about 20 years i just cant see the point in going. Its not the distance as ive been before. Just seams to be a lack of excitement this year are big shows a thing of the past??
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    British Farming Union on TFF

    farmers have plenty of prime time space on sides of large roads etc. Can also use farm owned lorry or tractor trailers or even wheel covers on 4x4 its amazing what can be down without spending or wasting millions
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    Are Tilly pass on the right planet?

    ive always had our trailers done by them as piece of mind but i think the time has come to find an alternative. Any recomendations???????? hate when companies start to go over the top id rather the money went somewhere else just to slow their ambitions down a bit. I can understand the whole...
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    Post of the week from Clive about AHDB (and a poll)

    talk is cheap get the ballot sorted and watch them suddenly come to live as the threat ramps up. If they come good the ballot would go their way wouldnt it?????
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    Post of the week from Clive about AHDB (and a poll)

    the best thing to do it pick them off while we can by voting them out. the more hangers on and leaches we can get rid of the more of our £100m a year we can keep. they clearly work behind the scenes to work together and this gives them strength. divide and conquer or what ever the saying is...
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    UK Combinable crop growers association

    any chance of a knighthood mbe or obe??
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    Whats the value of a m3 of pig slurry from a slatted finishing unit?

    Results in kg/m3 Fresh Weight Total Nitrogen 1.67 Phosphorus as P2O5 1.49 Potassium as K2O 1.56 Magnesium as MgO 0.27 Calcium as CaO 0.99 Sulphur as SO3 0.23 Copper Slurry 0.0051 Zinc Slurry 0.0256 Ammonium Nitrogen (kg/m3) 1.60 Nitrate Nitrogen (kg/m3) 0.01 Av N (NO3-N + NH4-N)...
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    is any one worried about fert they have on order being cancelled by the suppliers??
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    Andrew Blenkiron

    why are some farmers still paying money to the nfu??
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    DAP prices ?

    £790 quoted yesterday
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    Concept big bag lifter

    thats it i would have liked the bottom bar to go to about the centre of the wheels
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    Concept big bag lifter

    tbf he is a decent lad and im sure he would make it a bit wider maybe no ones pointed it out to him i wasnt sure if it was just me