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    Trailed forage harvesters

    Not wrong there brother...have a lovely scar on my right forearm.. 3 inches long and about 1/4 inch wide... drip of Add F from a chopper.. took about ten minutes to stroll across to a water tank and wash it off.. pretty good for hair removal too if there are any redneck lasses out there !!!!!
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    Claas combine quotes

    The Chinese situation at Shanghai is "getting better".....down to 115 boats by end May... not because of more boats being unloaded...... but by shippers giving the port a complete miss.. as city still in Covid lockdown.
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    Deutz 8280 - The worse purchase of my life!!!

    SDF are headquartered in Treviglio just east of Milan... parts distribution is from the old Lauingen plant, an hour north of Munich just across the road from the new Deutz Fahr tractor plant.. larger 6, 7, 8, 9 series built in Germany... smaller tractors up to 130hp, including 5 series built in...
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    Deutz 8280 - The worse purchase of my life!!!

    My apologies.. Iron 150 was indeed built in Germany... everything up to 130 built in Treviglio
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    Deutz 8280 - The worse purchase of my life!!!

    Built in Treviglio in Italy, not Lauingen
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    Deutz 8280 - The worse purchase of my life!!!

    Back in the day..door glasses 'popped" for no reason..but it was eventually found that the holes through the glass for the mounting brackets was too tight and the door seals too good, so any heat caused the glass to expand slightly then break the glass.
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    Quadrant 5300 adjustment tool

    Maybe start with a Claas dealer?
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    Ineos Grenadier

    Certainly been doing accompanied test drives in Australia.. a friend in New South Wales has just ordered one!
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    Deutz Fahr TTV 430 Problem Help Please

    Having lived in one for 21 years and worked 50% of my time in the other for 5 years, I know which I'd pick too
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    Deutz Fahr TTV 430 Problem Help Please

    Ah come on.....this is a lad who is doing his apprenticeship.. his cost will be a several beers.. a few Big Macs and he'll sleep on a scaffolding plank !!!!
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    Cf Moto

    I agree completely and suggest that post number 42 shows how accidents can happen.." then later in day jumped on it and off I go and came to a bit that’s very very steep but I normally just fly up it in sport mode, but it’s in work mode and I forget , get near top of this very steep bank and it...
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    Deutz Fahr TTV 430 Problem Help Please

    Claas is represented in NZ and Australia by a privately owned family company headed by Herby Whyte.. Originally called Landpower, they now trade as Claas Harvest Centres and are well spread around the country. Over the last five years they have spent a lot of money on investing in premises...
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    Cf Moto

    Your first paragraph is the whole reason that the main manufacturers pulled out of OZ.. their argument was two-fold... firstly quads are designed for active riding..... shifting your body weight...if you need roll over protection buy a side by side which is fitted with a certified roll...
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    AGCO cyber attack

    Which others?