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    John Deere 6320 dash malfunction

    No very unlikely, I'd be concerned about the freshly broke wire? Did you repair properly? Also when checking the fuses in the back panel and replacing relays you were careful not to add any additional fuses or replace relays into same locations?
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    John Deere 6320 dash malfunction

    I think this thread will again more attention in the 'Machinery' section so I'll move it there for you. As for the fuses did you check the big ones at the front near the battery they have a habit of melting the holders and giving the symptoms you describe...
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    Tm150 head rebuild

    I'd pull the injectors myself, I'm betting one is not atomising correctly. How come you only replaced/repaired one? Usually change/refurbish the lot if I'm bothering to do one. Always do the pump as well if it's my own machine and recommend it on a customers machine. The same fuel has run...
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    Whats it worth? 1989 JD 3050

    @Robt is spot on I reckon, hours depending of course but assuming the usual 8-9k hours that figure would be dead on the money. £6500 it is a basic spec after all.
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    Rf120l vicon

    That's a very vague statement/ question. I'm presuming by the fact you taken a picture of the machine control panel that you think the fault is electrical? There's not a lot to the netting system on this baler?
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    JD 2850 Loss of Hydraulics

    Not technically back to the reservoir as I recall, but to the pump inlet. Maybe the use of this filter as a return path isn't advised as it has various flow restrictions hence the recommended route via the filter bowl on the transmission filter.
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    jcb js130 wont fire

    Yeah I'd say this is gonna be your cause. Have a look in rear right panel to the right side of the pumps.
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    Manitou mlt 731 hydraulic issue

    Swash plate bearings on the pump?
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    Pottinger Novacat 305 ED shredding conditioner belts.

    I'm fast thinking they have plates attached at the base of the spring to guide you on spring length? But it's been a year or two since I last spannered on or assembled one for that matter.
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    Pottinger Novacat 305 ED shredding conditioner belts.

    Check pulley alignment, also check the condition of the tensioner pulley (white plastic one). The spec for spring length is given in the manual this should give you the correct adjustment. The pulleys have taper locks that rely on grub screws to keep them tight, worth checking these. The only...
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    Sanderson 623 teleporter help please

    Yeah, gearbox out for sure. As ACEngineering has suggested a pack issue. Just done a JCB with same symptoms but forward instead of reverse.
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    Digger quick hitch

    Yeah, that's spot on. To clarify all that occurs when you rock the switch and dead end the crowd cylinder is two things, the safety is released either a gravity latch (Volvo)/check valves or a pressure switch to allow hitch ram movement. Then pressure gets diverted by hitch valve to the other...
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    Digger quick hitch

    Two types of hydraulic hitches available. It depends which type you've purchased but both are safe if operated correctly. Semi automatic hitch: Operates the bucket latch hydraulically. Usually a fixed front jaw and a moving rear jaw, no means of locking the front bucket pin into the hitch...
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    JCB 535-95 Help!!

    I’ve attached a picture. It shows the front sensor but identical to rear. Remove cover 4 to see the light. Cable will be zip tied to cover so be a little gentle.
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    JCB 535-95 Help!!

    Yeah that’s the setup for a 525-67, I’m thinking a 535-95 will have a steel disk on one side of the ram that passes over the top of the sensor which is mounted with the led underneath. The opposite way up to the 525-67. The OP should check the sensor clears the disk by a small amount (5-6mm)...

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