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    Guess the parts price thread ?

    @Clive this is sound advice... The Manitou wet brake oil works well or I have used JD Hygard with same effect. I've heard of this anti-squawk additive and have never needed to use it yet? Seems like a temporary solution. As @ACEngineering suggests, dana parts are cheaper to purchase through...
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    Question for mechanics

    Your mechanic is spot on, the exhaust bolts undergo plenty of heat cycles and strain from weight imposed by the turbo charger. Corrosion usually becomes a factor too. Well worth changing them out for oem spec bolts. Not generic hardware store examples. As for coming loose there’s no guarantee...
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    3 phase converters

    If your solution only needs to be temporary maybe a generator suits this even more so? Buy it at the right price and sell on once you've finished. Like the previous poster said, the phase converters aren't for all applications. The motor ratings can be quite low too if you aren't wanting to...
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    Electronics -PCB

    To be fair there are quite a few Youtube videos explaining the circuit components and there uses. The rest I read books for and practical diagnostics on PCB's, remembering that a circuit diagram is a good place to start and learn what each block on the PCB is achieving. The IC (Integrated...
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    Electronics -PCB

    Like others have suggested the capacitors aren't really critical in this operation as it runs from a battery supply which is pretty stable. So they could be removed with little consequence. Interesting thought on the 8 pin package being EEPROM I did wonder if this was the case or if the IC had...
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    Electronics -PCB

    Yeah no continuity through the capacitors. That 8 pin package looks like a voltage regulator so maybe you could find the datasheet for that and check the output voltages, that 7.8V doesn't really match a particular logic level voltage. Too high for 3.3 and 5V but too low for CMOS? Beyond that...
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    Electronics -PCB

    Check bypass capacitors c1 and c2 for short circuit. Also assuming you are getting voltage between positive and negative? Not sure what voltage it operates at? 3v?
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    Budget mag drill

    HM50 as I wanted a two speed gearbox to run cutters nice and slow and also we often cut 40mm holes. The extra depth of travel works well for the chuck attachment should I go that route later. The minibeast is the bet bet if you've nowt to drill bigger than 35mm.
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    Budget mag drill

    Just bought a mag drill for farm/workshop use. I wanted something quality at a fair price even better it was a UK firm. Have a look at JEI, the drill is just fantastic, makes light work of 28mm holes in 20mm thick plate. I had a few queries so I rang the firm direct and they answered any...
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    Low loader trailer.

    We run a Bailey, it's a good trailer really and not much if any more expensive than the cheaper brands.
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    John Deere 6630 Wing PTO switch

    No not a simple two wire switch and yes you reach it by removing panel under the fender not through the rear light unit. They monitor switch off and on state. Yeah I've been out spannering hence the slow reply 😄
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    Putting an inverter on a motor.

    Like others have suggested, just make sure that the motor is able to cope with the load at lower speeds. I agree a soft start is a good way to proceed if you want a less aggressive start but often not used on such a small motor. You are probably already aware but spec the inverter accordingly...
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    Commercial axles

    I agree with this too, I've just fully refurbished some axles and have costed the parts and labour, I may as well have bought new axles and the originals only cost £50 each! Be aware there are different track widths too! So get two axles the same, measure from hub to hub for an accurate...
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    John Deere 6320 dash malfunction

    No very unlikely, I'd be concerned about the freshly broke wire? Did you repair properly? Also when checking the fuses in the back panel and replacing relays you were careful not to add any additional fuses or replace relays into same locations?
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    John Deere 6320 dash malfunction

    I think this thread will again more attention in the 'Machinery' section so I'll move it there for you. As for the fuses did you check the big ones at the front near the battery they have a habit of melting the holders and giving the symptoms you describe...

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