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    Can a dealer change a deal?

    We have a sub 6 month old Ifor Williams trailer where I work and the quality is terrible. Galvanise is poor and discoloured, ramp hinges cracking, ramp latches wearing through because of poor fitment. I could go on. If I was buying a trailer for myself I'd definitely not buy an IW.
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    Best place to buy second hand sprayer

    Another recommendation for Jim Wright at John Rhodes South Wales depot. (y)
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    You tube gang altogether at claas

    Olly's Farm, a bit clueless and not in the real world. Sometimes puts titles on videos to make out he's changing his tractor or handler, but never does. None the less hes probably doing ok from the YouTube revenue. Olly Blogs, I find very interesting, knows what he's talking about and like his...
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    What Fertilizer spreader ?

    Amazone ZA-V, market leaders for a reason!
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    Ineos Grenadier

    Of course, I didn't think they're not commercial. As you say, hopefully the van version will be better value still and become a realistic proposition for UK farmers.
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    Ineos Grenadier

    Before VAT the cheapest one would be about £43k. I dare say many decent spec double cab pickups are getting close to this these days?
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    Tractor Choice for Slopes

    Agree with some of the comments above, something SDF, so SAME, Deutz Fahr, Lamborghini. Low centre of gravity, and front axle brakes. £25k would buy you a nice Deutz Agrofarm and loader. SAME Explorer3 or similar also.
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    Can a dealer change a deal?

    Most bigger agricultural machinery manufacturers will honour the price set at order for retailed machine. Many will put the price up on anything ordered for dealer stock, not retailed to an end user.
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    New tractor delivery dates

    Most manufacturers lead times are up to 12 months or more these days for new orders. Where a dealer has a constant stream of stock, things are a little different!
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    Are Tilly pass on the right planet?

    Unless Tilly Pass stop posting propaganda and change their attitude they will soon completely lose any credibility they may have had, and in which case they may as well cease their scheme.
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    MST end of an era

    Sad news, second dealer I've heard of packing up this week.
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    Overpriced trailers

    Forgive me for going off on a slight tangent; but the build quality and finish of IW trailers these days is terrible. Recently had a new trailer and in a matter of months the galvanise is reacting and going brown. The tailgate latches required filing to stand a chance of them lining up, and even...
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    Will a Merlo pull bale trailer?

    Most agricultural telehandlers are homologated as a tractor, so perfectly legal.
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    Front linkage & pto

    2500 ish each, probably more these days. Circa 5k +
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    Loaders for tractors …

    As above a new loader to fit a 130 hp tractor is going to be getting on for in the region of £10k.