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    New toy day

    A friend of mine had the idea of a foldable stone fork as it is a lot safer when on the road plus as it’s coupled with a close fit weight you can weight if for ploughing ect . It can also be separated in minuets to have just the fork for rolling . I’ve a hydraulic top link to come yet for...
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    New toy day

    This arrived today . Will get plenty Action here with stones 🙈
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    Lely Lotus Tedders

    Good for spreading and night swathing but still use rake in front of Baler .
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    Kverneland TL Geospread

    I went from a standard Amazone zam to a tl geo with go screen and there dome . Was originally just going to get a non geo tl with the weigh cell but dealer was pushing the geo and have to say I have no regrets .absolutely love the section control and it’s so accurate it’s unbelievable ! Never...
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    Red Diesel?

    What about hedge cutting . We do quite a bit of cutting for farm businesses which will be fine on red but also do there roadside hedges ect . Will this be ok on red ? . Also do some work for people that have maybe bought a farm steading and farm road but don’t have an agricultural business maybe...
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    Dust in january

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    Grimme cs 150 or scanstone 4 Webber destoner

    No I haven’t 🙈 maybe should now you mention it
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    Grimme cs 150 or scanstone 4 Webber destoner

    Yeh I’m starting to think maybe stars aren’t for me with the stone content .
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    Grimme cs 150 or scanstone 4 Webber destoner

    Should add that scanstone is an open mouth one
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    Grimme cs 150 or scanstone 4 Webber destoner

    Currently running an older Grimme comi web chain driven machine and looking at a changing to a newer belt driven machine . At the moment I’m looking at either a Grimme cs 150 with 6-7 rows of vari stars then 36 mm web and also a scanstone 4 Webber with 37,37,37,32 mm webs. Will be working in...
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    Kverneland - Tellus or Tellus Go?

    I do this also 👍 I’ve the go box and seems fine for me .
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    New toy day

    It sure is . Heavily pimped 😁
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    New toy day

    new seed and Fert hopper picked up today
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    Talk me out of a new Hilux

    Friend has an invincible x and it is a nice truck but needs weight in the back as it’s a pretty rough Ride compared to my Ford ranger I would say .
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    What front weight ??

    mx multi mass here . 900 kg base weight with the tool Box on front . Can swap that for another 400 kg if I need more weight . Happy with it .