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    Insurance renewal Arbroath Office
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Feed Wheat £350 immediate move, 1 load sold.
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    Red Tractor liars

    Could you DNA test the flour to determine the varieties ? If there are any non UK varieties....
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    Drone software/tech for crop inspection

    SoilEssentials KORE Drone image stitching, satellite imagery, vraaps, soil sampling, etc Jim
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    Red Tractor Fight, Campaign Resources

    Here's the google web cache showing all the contact details..
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    Cheap autosteer kit

    Could also try SoilEssentials 01356 650459 - Trimble dealer from A66 North..
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    Ardleigh RTK dual frequency multi GNSS base station live, and free to use.

    OK, this isn't open source or free... But it works, has been going for over 10 years, fully redundant servers and we answer the phones and reply to emails.. Jim
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    Newark to Scotland

    Yes thanks - all sorted. :)
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    Newark to Scotland

    Hi, Anyone coming past Newark on the A1 up to East Scotland over the next day or two? Sprayer front tank (2.1m x 1.9m ) needing uplifted. Thanks Jim
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    valtra VRS
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    Seed/ Fertiliser Distribution head

    I've got a couple of 32 outlet heads if they are any use.
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    Cornwall to Scotland

    Thanks, will give them a try.
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    Cornwall to Scotland

    Mounted sprayer from Cornwall PL24 to Dundee DD9 Thanks
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    Potato growing - experiences with Tillerstar???

    Yes, quite a few TrueTracker units round the country now. Some nice operations here. See I also know a guy in Sweden using 2 Scanstone separators with TrueTracker to keep the beds exactly the right width apart. He is planting into the 2 beds with a 4 row structural pulled by a Fendt on an...