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    Groundswell 2021

    Looking forwards to getting away Can someone compile lots of notes as I may forget once the beer kicks in
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    How Do I Avoid the Wet Winter Slump?

    The last 2 winters have really highlighted any drainage problems and I think a plough based system can mask the problem I have fields with a ripple effect of establishment and it’s over historic drains where the crop is growing but the old drainage system cannot cope with the extreme rainfall...
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    Mechanical drive SP sprayer

    I used to drive that sprayer Really good machine
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    Things that would improve farm safety ?

    Personal choice versus employee liability Big difference Mindset must change in Ag
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    Good Safety Trainers

    I have had a pair of Screwfix site safety walking boots for a couple of years now Not overly used but lasting well
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    Things that would improve farm safety ?

    Doesn’t matter if it’s a cherry picker or loler tested loadall if there isn’t a plan in place stopping someone getting out onto a roof then there is a potential problem It’s not rocket science or even beyond the financial reach of any business. Get a bloody harness with a 6ft lanyard and make...
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    Things that would improve farm safety ?

    Education is the key and changing the mindset Not an easy task but it can work Our company has a strict H&S policy It soon becomes 2nd nature Harness on in man basket less than £50 and a minute to put on New pto guard less than £100 10 mins to fit Actually sitting and writing a risk...
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    Mapping Drainage runs with X30

    Is this possible I'm running N trip RTK I would like to drive over a new drain mapping the distance and junctions then export to gatekeeper has anyone done this. Cant seem to get trace onto GK whereas it comes in fine from the claas combine ? Is it because I'm importing as shape files rather...
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    wiring woes

    The 2 pins below are live and earth with the screw caps on or tap into the cigarette lighter wires. I think the 4 pin is not a supply
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    Benefits of Variable Rate Seed

    I do my own on gatekeeper Just base it on my knowledge of the land Zone the field up using different soil types as a scale then put a rate to each zone
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    Poll: Should NFU be lobbying AIC to change their rules?

    That would be a problem I agree but then the present enforcers didn’t really do much about horse meat getting into the food chain or food getting labelled as British when it clearly isn’t. Not to mention all the flip flops and crap that seems to come in the self assured imported feeds that...
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    Iron affecting ag chems?

    I took a sample of the bore water to a Desangosse meeting and they used their paper test and it went off the scale so we used same test on the mains and it was a lot better.
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    Iron affecting ag chems?

    Also whack a large amount onto the bill I used to use bore water did some sums on x change and converted to mains water fairly quickly
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    Direct drills

    Once your head is sorted the drill becomes the easy bit I would get someone who is further down the route to drill some crops for you. See how the tine or disc copes with your land. Don’t get hung up on drills though spend more time on the mindset.
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    Draining with no gravel

    My tracks are going to need doing soon wouldn’t mind knowing what you refurbed yours with