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    WiFi bridge

    You could use powerline adapters without needed line of sight. Plug one in with router and plug through one at socket where camera is powered. Cost about £30 no skills needed.
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    Talk to me about electric fencing

    Hi not sure from your post what sort of electric fencer unit you want but I'd go for as big as possible. If your hedge grows well there will always be bits touching the fence so enough power to burn them off will keep fence from earthing. Single strand tensile wire with tensioner wheels is by...
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    Seat for jd 6910

    Is the piston/ compensator inside it gone? Thomas Scott seating would be best bet
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    Diet feeder loaded with tractor loader

    Tub feeder with some weight like silage in it will chop up veg no bother. Decent blades and side restraints pushed in.
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    Diet feeder loaded with tractor loader

    Soft hands on the loader tractor is the job for filling silage bales into tub feeder. Gives more height and reach, no need to tip over to release and can put in half bale at a time.
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    Michelin XMCL tyre pressures on Manitou 629

    Don't say you're planning to use a man cage! Hard frost will definitely help reduce markings as would worn tyres.
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    Michelin XMCL tyre pressures on Manitou 629

    Need a good frosty morning before I'd be taking manitou on the lawn! Would depend on how much and high you are lifting it.
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    JN contracts.

    Looks like he could do with downsizing.
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    New animal movement rules threaten end of showing in Britain for NI breeders

    No border in the Irish Sea according to Bojo
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    Diet feeder loaded with tractor loader

    Load my 10 cube siloking no bother with tractor loader. Chops straw bales, silage bales no bother. Always leaves a fluffy mix
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    Sheep "contraception"

    I thought it was a bit late for that. Would be easier keeping rams elsewhere.
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    Sheep "contraception"

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    DMH tractors?

    Theres a nice jd2650 on done deal would do a job.
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    MTD VAT......again!

    Vital tax ,👍👍
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    Just bought a MF 5612 With a loader

    Unless you swap implements with the matbro a lot i wouldn't bother. Problems would include extra length, weight, more moving points, insurance and the matbro attachments being too big to start with. Ok for a bale spike or something. I can put my euro attachments on manitou with an adapter but...