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    Automatic cattle grading

    ABP sheet me thinks. we have found the automatic grading OK on the whole of what we have sent there. but then they set it up for automatic grading if that makes any diff. There should be a file saved somewhere with images of the sides somewhere.
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    Winter Barley

    Graze it down.
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    Farming in France

    Limousin bulls? Mr Thomas?
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    what is poultry manure worth?

    Worked well for us, spreading pig fym 24m. Even did one lot a 2nd time but at a lighter application x 2 which resulted in good even spread
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    100,000 pigs to be destroyed

    Heard of at least one plant, taking what was on contract with regular suppliers but any extras not really wanting them or offering 70p/kg as cheaper to have imported. One bloke I know saw 2 bulkers been filled with shoulder joints going for pet food
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    Charging for biomass heat

    Worthwhile deal!
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    The hoof GP

    ive not heard fantastic stuff about him, like you say all about the money from videos. No doubt some find it good but when they do videos just to get views = money then thats a turn off for me. Have heard of some of these youtube "stars" speaking to others and using their ideas for content...
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    Jaegerbomb identity

    would make u think about it now. haha
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    Best thing to feed bulls

    Good silage and no more than 1kg head/day of a 16% mix. You could feed bit more up to around January then put them on silage and mins for 6 months. Depends if they need to grow or just flesh up.
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    Giving the combine a good blow off... with a landmine

    Not sure, but allegedly they have already said they are busy for next planting...
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    Giving the combine a good blow off... with a landmine

    Bet he couldn't hear the mrs moaning over the ringing for a few days...
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    Giving the combine a good blow off... with a landmine

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    Jaegerbomb identity

    Local farmer used jagerbomb, was a disaster for him. C sections, hard calvings. But he runs cross bred cows. So maybe clashing with myostatins and other BB blood as they are bought in females.
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    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

    Man was more intelligent then as man knew that food comes from fields and not a supermarket shelf