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    Eaves flashing/closure - 6" corrugated asbestos roof

    I'd have thought someone must sell lengths of galvanize or whatever cut into the shape of the corrugations that you can screw/nail to the purlin to make a rodent/bird proof seal? Maybe I'm googling the wrong thing - find lots of those foam corrugation fillers but surely anything can chew...
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    Is it standard practice to desiccate?
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    Have you ever climbed your own turbine?

    Just out of interest really. Does anyone (with the proper safety harness etc obviously) ever go up their turbine with the engineers to get a first hand idea of any issues/problems/work being done? (Guessing servicing companies wouldn't like this from an H&S point of view). Or have you ever...
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    Haha yeah. It was probably some sort of sales pitch, the word "can" meaning "nearly always won't but might just one year in 20" :ROFLMAO: This is Nix (2016)'s figures for linseed, interested if this reflects people's experience? (last grown here when I was still at school)
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    Watched a youtube video of linseed combining a couple weeks back that claimed that it can achieve as good a gross margin as winter wheat. Is that for real?
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    Do de-awning plates help?
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    Claas dominator 88

    Where's the sale? Out of interest
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    Linseed straw

    Is there no risk of the stubble burning and it getting out of control?
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    No deal preparation

    No idea what to do (just like usual! :ROFLMAO: ) Some advice would be great though!
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    Fruity Smell in Grain Shed

    :ROFLMAO: Also use a temp probe. But a few rods allows monitoring several bins/areas of a store at once and also (more importantly) much deeper than my probe so if there's a hotspot below the depth of the probe then you can deal with it before a fair chunk of grain is ruined
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    Fruity Smell in Grain Shed

    A few 10 foot rods just as useful (if not more so) than a fancy expensive 1.5m temp probe IME
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    Combine driving position.

    Always thought there was something to be said for the old MF configuration of cab on the left, engine to the right of it, unlike the awkward (presumably, before my time) Ransome engine under the drum or the modern usual engine behind the tank arrangement.
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    Moisture & specific weight

    Thanks @Brisel and @An Gof Would have thought it would've been be a more common/easy to find chart/conversion
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    Moisture & specific weight

    Is there a chart that shows the relationship between moisture content and specific weight please? I've tried googling but to no avail - an AHDB grain moisture calculator comes up but that's a slightly different thing. What I'm looking for is something that says if I test say barley at say 20%...
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    What moisture would you start at

    Seems odd to me that some people seem to have a blanket policy of "cut at xx %". If a crop is just ripe and standing well, we're on top of things and there's a week's sunshine forecast, I might wait til it's under 16. On the other hand if it's over ripe, losing quality, going flat, we're behind...

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