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    Vulcan inspection loader question

    Good post, but I would pick you up on terminology! Thorough Examination is the correct term, whether it be under PUWER or LOLER.
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    How to humanely kill deer that have been hit by a car

    We had a similar issue when my wife's old horse went down. I had to tell the vet I was the customer and the customer is always right. Like many vets today, his concerns were driven by pound signs!
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    Stihl 2in1 chain sawsharpener.

    Money well spent as far as I'm concerned. Got one to suit my bigger saw, next step is another for my smaller one.
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    Health and safety

    Let's not jump to conclusions on this one until facts are known from RAIB investigation, but just reflect on the fact that two normal working guys went to work and now will never come home. Just take the time to make sure what you are doing is safe.
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    Good service

    Border Tyres for me too. David is always helpful and keeps the rest of the family right too!
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    Classic reversible at the British

    I did see this and would tend to agree with your comment about the finish. This has often been a contentious issue for judging and caused much discussion! Anybody else? I was thinking about having a run down to see how it's done south of the border!
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    MF 290 Trailer brakes.

    It does have pressure control, I though it was standard from 200 series on?
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    MF 290 Trailer brakes.

    Done this with my 298. Works well.
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    Isuzu D-Max Warranty Issues - Never Again

    Mine now has 26,000 miles.on it. No issues and pulls well, even with fully loaded trailer. Automatic too, wouldn't go back to manual.
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    Employee wanting to borrow machinery

    If you were to explain your reasons not to lend it, based on your post above he may then understand better why you said no?
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    Drag chopper videos for nerds like me

    Still is! Proper diesel power!
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    I remember the time when...

    A pal of mine used to do this in his fathers Austin Gypsy and change gears when on the road when we were both about 11. On the farm he drove it himself all the time.
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    I remember the time when...

    I used to use a tree several miles away on the skyline. Then somebody went and cut it down. Three fields were drilled on straights heading for it. Oh dear!
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    Lost a friend today

    Sorry to hear it. I'm sure many of us here feel and share you pain. It's bloody hard when it gets to that stage.

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