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    Best (simple) CCTV system

    No stock monitoring, basically security / deterrent , and, as as you say, clock reg's and faces of anyone coming in, and basic monitoring of stable yard just to see what's going on. There's so many options out there I thought I'd ask what others have found work best, apols for lack of detail...
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    Best (simple) CCTV system

    I know the question has been asked before but wanting some up to date info. Any recommendations for a simple but effective farm CCTV system. Around 6 cameras dotted around the farm, viewable on phone or pc, ideally recording anything untoward. I'm not a total tech novice but am a bit of a...
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    A Degree in Agriculture?

    Take out of it what you can, the management bit has been vital to me. There's plenty of other bits of info you'll pick up and adapt as rarely is 'practical' or handed down info enough on it's own. . No need to do a degree but it is valuable, even just the 3 years mixing with other viewpoints and...
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    Help hay making

    Chop the new stuff, chuck it all about a few times, the old stuff will soon be gone as the new dries. Any other way will flatten everything.
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    Grassland Carbon Credits

    Plenty of silage grown round here for digesters, plenty hay to the horsey market too, without thinking of those who've used it for bedding this last year. A very muddy puddle.
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    Grassland Carbon Credits

    My thoughts were more along grassland that isn't grazed but cut for silage / hay. No livestock element and a tangible 'harvest'. GWP being updated so often, and being as clear as a dark night to the layman, certainly doesn't help !
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    Grassland Carbon Credits

    Is there any companies working out / offering Carbon Credits for grassland yet? It must be feasible by using cut grass as the 'harvested crop'. (Heard nothing re working out for grazing land)
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    Colin Pitchfork

    "Too many of them are insufferably self-righteous liberal-lefties with a political axe to grind. But a fair number a genuinely decent people making sure that others in awful situations have a fair crack. This doesn't mean that I think all human rights law is sound, I don't, and want a lot...
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    Colin Pitchfork

    Many people involved in the case from the start up until now have voiced tbeur concerns saying they don't agree he should be released. If you think he's served his sentence and been rehabbed that's fine. I just don't agree. He's a monster. The law is the law, we dont all have to agree with it.
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    Rate my new breed

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    Colin Pitchfork

    If he is to be released he needs to be no threat. There are many reports that he will always be a threat. A simple solution may be that people like him are chemically castrated pre release? Or maybe even not not chemically, just castrated. By being repeatedly booted in the testes until...
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    Selling carbon credits

    Going forward it looks like there will be a Govt element of support for carbon enterprise,but also a commercial sector run in tandem. How the 2 marry up is beyond me, and there needs to be an industry wide recognized system of measurement throughout ASAP.
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    Tax Efficient Buying

    I've been asked a question that I can't quite answer properly. Is it better to rent or buy a farm in terms of tax efficiency? I've always thought buy (if possible) for obvious reasons, but is it sensible tax wise? ie Rental payments can be written off as an expense but mortgage/loan payments...