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    Milk Price Tracker

    Yes, all Muller suppliers in Scotland pay a haulage charge. I think 0.21 is the lowest banding.
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    Tv licence

    Yes, I think I should just get it done!
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    Tv licence

    What with the BBCs incessant assault on animal agricultural and overuse of the word "vegan", I am seriously considering stopping my TV licence. Has anyone any thoughts on making the leap?
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    Has anyone any experience with wilson gel mattresses? Look pricey, but good for 365day housed cows?
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    Bad day for some Scottish dairy farms

    That figure can't be right. Also, there are now now around 175 coop producers in the UK.
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    Flat oats

    Hope I'm not missing something, but if a combine with lifters can't pick it up, how is a chopper going to manage?
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    New dryer

    Hello, wondered what people's thoughts were on grain dryers are and whether renewable energy is still an option. Hopeing to get it up and running for next season and was thinking going continuous flow. Thanks
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    The real cost of Milk Haulage ?

    What it boils down to is Muller are no longer interested in procuring milk north of Dundee unless it is Tesco milk. At a time where there is excess milk is Scotland ( or not enough processing options), they are dropping marginal milk fields
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    The real cost of Milk Haulage ?

    Hi everyone. Muller wouldn't allow anything other than a Muller tanker onto their premises unfortunately. The north east farmers which include both Angus and Aberdeenshire, have fought tooth and nail to reverse the haulage charge or at least negotiate a reduction, but it has been head and brick...