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    Spearhead hedge cutter oil pressure and flow

    Before you buy a new motor you are correct to flow and pressure tested the pump and check what pressure test what the prv is operating at. If you let me know the pump part number and the pto gear box ratio I can give some idea of pump flow. There should be info on Google about your model of...
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    Matbro tr200 hydraulic pump

    The unit is made for the Matbro TR200 and the valve on the back makes it quite a one off hyd pump. If you want to replicate the hyd pump and a separate valve let me know as I have a data sheet on the pump, as for the cost of a complete pump I reckon you are looking at about £825.00.
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    Hy reach head pump issue

    I have a shaft seal 24 x 40 x 7 which I think is the correct one.
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    Hy reach head pump issue

    Firstly the current shaft seal is the wrong type. Your current shaft seal should be concave to accept a seal backup washer then a circlip. As long as the the motor is in good internal condition it's worth trying to locate a shaft seal as I very much doubt you will find a complete seal kit. If...
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    What's causing this to bend?

    Piston rod to small and work pressure to high.
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    Testing Hydraulic power

    When testing a hyd pump flow you will need a flow meter with a loading valve. This will allow you to record the flow at 0 pressure and at max operating pressure. Also oil temp will have an effect on the flow reading at pressure. Hydraulic power is defined as flow multiplied by pressure. The...
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    Post rammer hydraulic valve help

    If there is no info on the valve and you have removed the long plug and I presume replaced it with the "silver" one in the picture. Its time to replace the complete valve and install a more modern valve, your local hydraulic company should be able to help you out.
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    Changing a kverneland wrapper to load sensing

    It looks like a Danfoss PVG32 valve which is good news. You may have a dual inlet cover on the valve which is easily converted to CCLS or you will have to replace the inlet section to CCLS. Part will be stamped on the inlet section near the gauge port and it usually starts 157B then 4 more...
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    How to get the motor off a sweeper brush

    £60.00 for a shaft seal what's it made of carbon fibre.
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    Ford 7810 power steering problem

    P = pressure port, so that's the inlet port to accept the flow from the pump. T = tank, so that's the port that returns the flow back to the hyd reservoir.
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    Ford 7810 power steering problem

    Port configuration for a conventional steering unit.
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    Taking Spool out of hydraulic control block

    It's not a difficult job as long as the location of the spool valve makes it possible to remove the spool end cap. Finding a replacement spool will depend on the make of spool valve. Better pictures of the valve will help give a more positive response.
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    DB 880

    Unfortunately the hyd pump is mainly made from aluminium so will not be repairable, time to buy a new one.
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    Hyd issue

    No I'm not @Kevin joseph but I have a keen interest in both tractors and hydraulics.
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    Hyd issue

    Apologies for butting in but would you mind sending me the details to.

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