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    what grinds your gears

    Trying to help out a redundant employed guy, who is now self employed. Today the aforementioned mentioned guy says, “I will only be able to have one and a half days off this weekend as I need to put a customer’s ATV back together”. I said to him welcome to the world of the self employed.!!!! :mad:
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    River Lugg, Herefordshire

    The trouble is the general public and EA etc forget that nature is a great healer and given a growing season , I expect it would all look nice and green again, as if it had not been touched.
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    Diesel household standby generator,recommendations?

    You may be correct, but the guy that mends my chainsaws said that modern day petrol definitely does go off especially over winter months. It’s due to the ethanol they now add to modern day petrol and I believe him.
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    River Lugg, Herefordshire

    Thanks for the likes. When I get time I will email EA quoting my post, and I will say at the end , “that those that can’t understand what I am saying must be as thick as two short planks”.
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    River Lugg, Herefordshire

    If one does not clear leaves out of roof gutters they over flow!!!! For goodness sake surely the same applies to rivers, “over time debris /silt will build up and they will overflow”, for goodness sake just plain common sense :mad: :mad: :rolleyes:
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    Beast from the East Mk.2. On the way?

    Any update on the possibility of a “colder than average period towards the end of the month”. I do realise that the UK does have winter and that it beggars belief how the media successfully hype society up in to an almost frenzy when temps below freezing are forecast and that’s before...
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    Do you watch the BBC News on the TV?

    I may appear ignorant but I have got so fed up with the BBC News presenters( on a self-centred ego trip to justify their salaries beyond our wildest dreams!!!!)making a meal out of news events that I no longer watch the BBC News. Just wondering if any other TFF members have now given up...
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    Bailey or Fleming

    When buying grain trailers ,new,make sure you compare the “cubic capacity of the body”, for what ever tonnage trailer you are wishing to buy, as in the past I noticed in the brochures it can vary quite considerably,irrespective of manufacturer
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    Ivermectin , covid cure

    Many thanks for finding the info.
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    Ivermectin , covid cure

    I meant critically ill in hospital.
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    Ivermectin , covid cure

    In desperation does anyone know if some critically ill Covid19 patients are now having “Ivermectin” administered to them , as according to the media Covid19 deaths are spiralling out of control .
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    Ivermectin , covid cure Perhaps @Lowland1 may wish to comment on the above.
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    Best fluid / way to stop padlocks freezing?

    Oops, memory not so good ;)
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    Best fluid / way to stop padlocks freezing?

    If memory serves me right “Methanol” is very useful fluid during Canadian Prairie winter months. Seem to remember it being useful if diesel got frozen and also for starting an engine at very low temperatures.
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    Best fluid / way to stop padlocks freezing?

    I have got something similar , great as long as I don’t leave it in the shed with the frozen padlock :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

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